Friday, May 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

we moved.

Well, for us it is not a whopping amount of moving. 2 times is not that bad.

For me on the other hand...

I have moved every year since 2003. Sometimes 2x in a year.


2003 - from home to WTAMU
2004- from WTAMU to home
2005 - from home to 1st apartment
2006 - from 1st apt to 2nd apartment
from 2nd apartment to home
2007 - from home to nick and my first apt
2008 - from our 1st apt to our 2nd apt.


I feel as though I cannot be satisfied in one place, but it is just that there have been circumstances that have forced me at times to move and other times it has worked out nice to be able to have this or that in a newer or different place.

I really love this new place. It is a typical mass apartment complex with many apartments. it has pools and the typical grassy lawns, etc etc.

but, it is comfy and there are things I took for granted that I now have that I am so happy about.
take for instance, my own washer and dryer, in house. :)

simplicity. it is something that we don't tend to experience anymore in our society. I remember so much of my childhood was simple fun, simple love, simple agenda, etc etc. It was a beautiful life. not always easy or fun, but it was always sustained and simple. There was no need for glamour and glitz and this expensive thing or that new car. God always always always sustains me, satisfies me and has always provided for me. In all things.

so, here we will live, probably until we find a house. I am ok with that. We have everything we need. Plus more.
God is faithful and oh so good.
s & n

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

so ya.

Dan brought it to my attention that I have not updated this thing in quite a long time. Yes, I even forgot that I had this blogger thing.

So I guess a LOT has happened since the last blog.

Nick had his appendix taken out.
I started a new position at work.
I finished my internship at McCormick.
Nick quit his job at Hoarel and now has two jobs.
I graduated from WTAMU.
We started and are still continuing in the College Group at GOW
etc etc etc

We are almost finished with one year of marriage! What an adventure it has been! We have been through a ton of crap, but at the same time, we have had more fun and had so many amazing things happen to us. :) We are still just taking everything a day at a time and enjoying the ride!

Don't really have much else to put on here.