Tuesday, May 20, 2008

so ya.

Dan brought it to my attention that I have not updated this thing in quite a long time. Yes, I even forgot that I had this blogger thing.

So I guess a LOT has happened since the last blog.

Nick had his appendix taken out.
I started a new position at work.
I finished my internship at McCormick.
Nick quit his job at Hoarel and now has two jobs.
I graduated from WTAMU.
We started and are still continuing in the College Group at GOW
etc etc etc

We are almost finished with one year of marriage! What an adventure it has been! We have been through a ton of crap, but at the same time, we have had more fun and had so many amazing things happen to us. :) We are still just taking everything a day at a time and enjoying the ride!

Don't really have much else to put on here.