Sunday, October 26, 2008


I get frustrated, like in the post below, about bills, working hard and barely getting anything out of it, student loans, medical bills, rent, etc etc. God tenderly and sometimes forcefully reminds me that I am blessed beyond any part of my imagination. We have more than enough and we are blessed to not have everything handed to us. We are having to work hard and work our way up from the bottom. It is good and it makes you appreciate what you have, because it is your own.

BUT, that brings me to a point that we push aside and forget too often. NOTHING is our own. It has all been given to us by God. Stewardship is no longer a word in many people's vocabulary. People toss their money, their belongings, their own friends and family around like its nothing. The things we have been given are to be cherished and taken care of.
I remember as a kid, my parents would tell us to take care of our things, especially our home and the things that they had worked so hard for, but to take care of each other and ourselves, spiritually first and then in the other ways.

We are not our own. The main point I have is that we don't have anything unless given by God. He has given us the strength, the mind, the power, abilities, desire, etc to have the things we have and do the things we do. We are to be stewards of those things, especially the people in our lives. I have been bad at that. I have been forgetful, rude, negative and careless with people in my life. I'm sure that is part of the reason that I have very few true friends. BUT, I know that I have been on the opposite end of that. People have flung me around, forgotten about me, left me and so I know both sides of the fence.

I feel as though we are careless with not only our things in our lives, but the people. We need to remember we are GIVEN our children, our families, our friends and the people in our lives. We must take care of those relationships, learn from them and THANK GOD FOR THEM. Thank God for our spouses, our families, our siblings, our friends, teachers, co-workers, mentors, relatives, even our enemies. For without all those people, we would not be the same. Thank God for the people in your life and act like you are thankful for them. It will make a difference in your life. and theirs.



Dennis Amason said...

Thanks for that Shaina! Love you guys!!

Cimarron said...

I so didn't know you had a blog. And I am so glad that you do! We are in that place now...stress from bills, the unknown, and a whole bunch of other crap and reading your thoughts on remembering that we are blessed was a much needed wake up call. Thanks for always listening to Him, Shaina. I know we aren't that close, but you've always been a spiritual leader for me and my life is so much better for knowing you! Much love!