Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Grind...

As you all know, we pay bills. I'm sure you all know how that goes. It gets old, but, I know that when the going gets tough, I am way beyond blessed, we are more than taken care of, and I cannot be happier than I am being, God's child, Nick's wife and the world's best Shaina. :) hehe.

Things are really tough right now, for Nick and myself. We work A LOT and get the bills paid, someday we will have enough to, what's that called again.....oh ya, SAVE. :) There are things that we want now, but know that it is not the time and so we wait on the Lord.

Nick takes two classes and works every week. I just work now and I'm trying to get some freelance clients going strong. The grind of daily life can take its toll and we hope to be able to enjoy getting away for the holidays, and then again in January to see Bob and Carrie, Nick's dad and stepmom, for those of you readers who don't know them. We are trying our best at everything we do and sometimes just feel like we are dragging our feet in the mud. BUT, like I said, that's when we remember that we are blessed beyond what we will ever deserve.

We are almost done with paying Nick's appendix bills!! : YAY! and PRAISE THE LORD!!!

There is not a whole lot of anything to update anyone about, other than, the daily grind is something we are learning to deal with, but to rejoice in. Hope you can do the same.

nick and shaina