Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time to Lay it Down...

Well, for the last almost 2 years Nick and I have been involved in collegiate ministry. It has been a huge blessing and yet it has been a huge burden at times. This is one of those times and I have decided to take a much needed sabbatical. In this time of rest I am asking the Lord to show me what He desires of me beyond ministry and the church. What does he desire of me? period. What is next in my life? I am anxious to see where God takes me in this time of release. there is hurt that needs to be released, rest that needs to be soaked up and blessings to be harvested while I settle my heart and mind. We'll see what God decides to do in me now that I have finally surrendered.


Terrells said...

Hey Girl,
Good for you guys. I know it's tough sometimes laying those things down and you wonder who will fill the position if it's not you.... but The Lord will raise someone else up.

And you're moving!?!?! How awesome is that!! Glad I found you on here if you get a chance check out my site.

ShainaW. said...

hey mrs. Terrell. Mommy Terrell. :) that is exciting for y'all. I know God has so much ahead for you and this sweet new bundle is just the beginning. blessings friend!