Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolutions Part 2

This time last year I posted on resolutions. I am a planner and an organizer, but I tend to have problems following through. There are so many things that I desire to do and accomplish in 2010. Personal goals, marriage goals, health goals, work goals, dreams and desires are running around in my brain and in my heart. I desire to get them out on paper, but it is hard to organize it all. I could go through each thing and reasons why, but I suppose that would take all day. If I only list them all, what good is that? So, I guess I list them with a short explanation, getting the best of both worlds.

My personal goals have a lot to do with some things I learned a few months ago:
I need sufficient sleep
time with Nicholas everyday
working out 4 days a week or more
vitamins, regular medicines daily
lots of water
personal and quiet time with the Lord
time with my best friend, accountability and prayer partner every week
corporate fellowship/worship weekly
Business Goals:
more freelance customers/orders
to meet all goals and continue to grow sales in my current job
to find new/interesting ways to display, sell and create
to somehow get a raise. :)

Ministry goals:
to seek out and find where I am to be serving
organize and promote Manna Ministries as God desires me to

All of these things encompass being me to the best of my ability and also allowing God to mold me, shape me and help me become a woman of grace, mercy, gentleness and beauty.

more to come in 2010.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

A few years back I was a scrooge. I did not want to decorate, have a tree, help mom with her house, go to family gatherings, cook, bake goodies, buy gifts, give gifts, of course we always WANT gifts. :) haha. None the less, it was a bad year. It was miserable. Since being married for a few years, we have noticed that the holidays are so very busy with house hopping and sharing time with families. Now that we are home owners we are finding that the holidays are even better because we have kitchen space, a fireplace and plenty of room for people and pretty decor. Well, I have found that anyway. I enjoy it. I think that I have a nack (that how you spell that??) for having company over, being a hostess. I am finding that I love planning and decorating and having people in my home. Anyway, all of that to say, that this Christmas, so far, has been quite wonderful! It can only get better with all that is ahead!

I've had a small setback yesterday and today. Apparently my body decided to make me halt and rest. I had a temperature of 100.4 last night (which if you know me is like 103 for most people). It was miserable and with a good dose of advil and sleep I seem to be on the mend today. BUT, I feel like I am now behind and off schedule for the month. If you took a look at my day calendar, you'd see that there are barely any clear days. I like it that way, but my body does not sometimes. So, a fever got my attention.

Speaking of being a hostess; I just hosted a recipe shower for a dear friend of mine, last sunday. It was one of the most wonderful times I've had since my wedding showers. A room full of Godly women sharing advice, stories and the hearts with each other about marriage and life. Tears, laughter, really yummy snacks and cozy fellowship made for a completely love afternoon! I was so pleased and blessed to have such a compilation of amazing women in my home, at one time! What a blessing!

I will post some pictures of our house soon. I suppose I should pick things up a bit and then take pictures! :)

I could have made about 5 different posts out of this one post, but I have the time to sit and write this afternoon and I haven't had the time in quite awhile. My best friend is home. aaaahhhh. Although she is home, we've seen each other once. hahaha. talked quite a bit, but have not hung out. I'm so ready for sunday night! That will fix it. :)

Suppose that is all for now..who knows, I might be back later today....never know what I might think of to write.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Round and Round....

I go. Up and down. Week to week it is something different. Lately, things have seemed rather stable and steady. The Thanksgiving holiday was blessed and my cup ran over with blessing, rest and goodness! Then Monday happened. Seems as though I was due for a typical monday. I generally have pretty good mondays. This week has just started out so rotten and I have found myself, in my recent growth, pushing myself to not go slip into my hole, but keep my head up, my knees bent in prayer and my mind focused on the things of Christ. Not the things that keep dragging me down. The hole is so comfy and dark. It is known and yet I am learning to resist.

"She thinks she can She thinks she can....."