Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I was born on Father's Day. I suppose I sufficed as an appropriate Father's Day gift for both of my parent's fathers. Well, I hope so anyway! haha. My dad is a quiet hero, a humble man, a servant leader. He always does things for others, thinks of others, treats others better than they ever ever treat him. If you know TByrd, you know that he is the bar, in my mind, as how a husband should treat his wife, a man should raise his girls, director should run a dept. on and on. He could live in other people's shadows, sit quiet in a corner and watch the world pass by him while reading a book, or he could choose to get involved, know the people around them and appreciate them for who they are, be involved, be in the mix and be an example all at the same time. I've been so blessed to be able to say, "I'm Tracy's daugther" and get tons of "oh he is just the best" or "You are one lucky gal" or even "how did you get so blessed?" I'm thankful and proud of my dad. I pray that I am a blessing to him and to his name, so that when he says, "shaina is my daughter" he gets the same things I get when I say he is my dad. Happy Father's Day DadT.

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