Sunday, August 8, 2010


So, my parents have had this entertainment center in our family since....well, at least 1986ish...I'm sure I was little when they got it. It has been painted every color you can imagine, been used for multiple things and has been passed down to me, when I moved into my first apartment. I now have it in my office/studio and it seems to have settled in nicely. :) I'm excited to have a nice spot for decorative items, as well as books and supplies. I figured that if I have place for my paint that is not strung out everywhere, I get the best of both worlds...organization and style along with the ability to get to it all very easily. :)

Starting my next painting this afternoon as well. Sketching and brainstorming are on the agenda.
If you are wondering or know anyone who enjoys custom artwork let me know.

Prices vary from size and media used.
Most of my works start at $50.00 for small & go up from there.
Nick also does great work, as well as sketching and drawings as well.
I cannot wait until we have the space to give lessons and have art access to all!