Thursday, September 30, 2010

My A List...

So Lauren Paris has inspired me to write my own list and she owes me a coke or $100.00 either one. hahaha.

So my list is definitely what makes me happy and what I am truly thankful for no order actually.

this is try #2 because my computer's battery went dead in the middle of my last draft. :(

Here goes...

1. Nicholas Robert.

2. The fact that I have been placed, since day 1, in the most incredible family. MY DadT, Mother and Sissy are my precious prayer warriors, open ears and strong shoulders. ILYBBITWBW!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Seeing my Mimi improve weekly in her daily activities and seeing her personality be restored. :) Thank you Lord.

4. Lunch dates with PawPaw.

5. Godly, refreshing, inspiring, funny, silly, friends and the almost weekly dates we have with them.

6. Being under the leadership of a worship pastor who is passionate and purposeful in her commitment to leading the flock she is over into the presence of God Almighty, as well as being mentored and encouraged, prayed for and loved by her all at the same time. :) :)

7. Preparing for Kairos 25, at the Neal Unit, next weekend. The family of Godly women and men we are able to work with, the laughter, Godly advice and fun the women have! So excited!!

8. A job, work place and team that are fun to work with, full of grace (for the new girl), and the fact that I am not in charge there. :) So blessed!

9. Fall Air

10. The morning time on the couch with Bible in hand, kitty in lap and the day slowly waking up with me...I used to not like mornings at all, but I'm beginning to....weird.

11. Lauren. For letting me honest, real and still loving me despite or in spite of it all. ha.

12. Our cozy, lovely, sweet home, which God has blessed us with and filled with His love and spirit.

13. Learning that God does not deprive me. ever. ever. ever. When I desire things, that is healthy and to ask Him for those desires is expected, but if He chooses not to grant those desires in my time, that does not mean I am deprived.

14. The new curtains in our living room. :)

15. getting pedicures and my nails done regularly now. so fun and so thankful for that me time.

Well, at this point, I could think of the tiniest things I am thankful for and make me happy, but they would become redundant. quickly. I'll stop here and just wrap up by saying that everything in our life right now is so amazing...and with that said, bad things will happen, we expect them, but our attitudes are in a place of humility that God is molding us along as we go.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all!

Well, so much has been going on that I have not had the time to blog much! The G@llery is starting to really launch some great new stuff, marketing wise and event wise. I'm really excited about the pumpkin party we will be having at United on Gem Lake Rd on October 23rd. More details to come! I have our business cards ordered from the printer and some examples of advertising materials like pens, mouse pads, etc coming as well! So excited! I'm really in love with our logo and all it is going to do for our business! Thanks to Lauren Paris Photography for the great idea for the pumpkin party and for the help with the planning as well as being a part of the day by taking pictures and advertising herself! So many details to come, I will be sure and post!

I suppose I can and will throw in some of what Nick and I have been doing lately, besides the business side of things. So, if you are interested, here goes...

Nick and I have been busy and enjoying my new schedule that I have with my new job! I have been there almost a month and I have enjoyed every weekend off, with the exception of last weekend, since I spent it sick. :( but still, it was not bad being on the couch all weekend, watching tv, being waited on by my sweet hubby and relaxing. haha. We truly are blessed that I have switched jobs and have such an amazing environment to work in and freedom on the weekends! We are LOVING our church! Family Life church is exactly where God wants us to be. I've been struggling with an example or a picture of what I feel we have been through the last 10 months. It is like when you are in a school, say elementary and your parent requests that you switch teachers, due to whatever reasoning. We are in the same school(body of Christ) just a different classroom.(church family). We are all routing for the same mascot, just in a different environment. Not sure if that makes sense, but through months of prayer and listening to the Father, I am full of peace about our decision, where we are at and that we have been obedient to the Father. I am so thankful for that peace and discernment I have learned through this experience. My heart is learning to trust, ever so slowly, yet again and I am opening up to new friendships, leaders and family. I have started singing again. :) It is a great thing! The worship team at FLC is great and I am truly blessed to be a part of it. What passion and vision we have to come and worship weekly, in spirit and truth, as well as live in an attitude of worship.
I got out all of our, or should I say, my fall decorations last week. I couldn't wait til yesterday(first day of autumn) haha. I still need some front porch decor, but I'm sure I can get that done this weekend! I LOVE fall and all it brings. Cool air, crisp mornings, pumpkin pie, family gatherings, thanksgiving holiday(my favorite), warm candles, and sweaters. yay! not to mention, football and blankets. yes! I am looking forward to many things this fall and have been busy preparing! The picture I posted is from Thanksgiving dinner last year, on the Byrd side. We all drew what we were thankful for on the table. So fun! Have to keep that one back for when we have kids someday...

Nick and I will be serving on the Kairos 25 team in October. Nick will be playing drums and I will be on the kitchen team! We are excited to finally serve on a team, as a married couple. Kairos is so special to me and my family and to do this with Nick is like a new season of this ministry for me. Since 6th grade, I have had Kairos in my blood and this is just the next step! SO excited! Lots to get done before then as well! yay!
If any of you didn't know, Nick has been working for FastSigns since June and has been doing so well! He is enjoying it and is blessed to be in a new and better work environment! He is moving up fast and doing well in the production shop downtown. IF you need sign work done, give him a holler!

I suppose there is not much else to write about at this point. I'm just so blessed, content and we're both learning SOOO much right now, in our personal lives, in our marriage and in our relationship with the Lord as a family. Thank you Jesus! We're beyond blessed!

Love y'all!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

FALLing into place...

So much has happened lately, I have to get it written down somehow. I usually use this blog for art blogs and creative rants, along with posting pictures of my latest projects, but this time I want to use my blog for less art and more life blogging.

I love fall. So so so so very much. This summer ended with a wonderful vacation to see Bob and Carrie (Nick's dad and stepmom) in St. Louis, as well as driving from St. Louis to Corry, PA to see Nick's brother, Keith and his wife Patti and their family. It was a wonderful trip and we came back ready to hit the ground running. I finished up my last week as Floral Mgr at United Supermarkets and then this past Monday, started as a customer service rep in the office at Glass Doctor here in town. I know what you're thinking, The Glass Doctor?? Seriously Shaina? What do you know about auto/home glass? Ya, I know. I don't. That's the funny thing about God's plans...sometimes they don't make any sense until you just dive in and see what there is for you. In this case, I have dove in head first into a pool of blessings and abundance that I have not had in years. The environment as well as the management are just amazing. I feel that the work I do is done well and I can have a close relationship with the entire crew, not a cordial relationship with 200+ people. There are about 12 people in this shop and it is a family. So great! I could go on and on about this new job, but I won't.

I have been so much more attentive lately to God and his voice. I have been listening and looking for him more than I have in so long and he is everywhere, in every situation. I am learning, soaking up and getting excited about so much in my life. God is just pouring out.

Coming out of a time of waiting on him and truly pressing in so hard and long to see him move in my life, it is refreshing to be at that next step in it all. There is so much to be thankful for and new things to experience! Christ is teaching me daily, about the things I struggle with and is spurring me on to change the things He and I both know I can.

Some of the things that have made my life rich and full lately are:

my sweet Jesus
my sweet Nicholas


new work environment
Godly bosses
new friends

sincere and passionate worship (and worship leader)
our home fellowship family

learning forgiveness
receiving and extending mercy to others

today. Yes, today, September 4, 2010 has been one incredible day! I was able to sleep until 9:00am! Nick and I just laid in bed and watched tv for an hour after that. Got a few things done around the house and then went to see my sweet Mimi and PawPaw in Canyon. Praise God Mimi is home after a 6 month ordeal in the hospital and rehab for her back surgery. Then we had a lovely lunch with a dear couple. What a blessing they are to us and my how they sharpen us, as well as enrich us, just by being them. So wonderful! Then for most of the afternoon/evening, I was blessed to be a part of and help lead worship at Family Life Church with an amazing group of blessed, anointed and Godly people. To top it all off, Nick said we could go shopping this evening after church and I was able to find some incredible deals!!! I don't buy anything full price, so I found some wonderful bargains on some staple items that I needed, as well as getting a few blessings mixed in, like a free necklace! The cherry on top, was seeing my dear friend Brett. :) He is a sweetheart and it was refreshing to visit with him and catch up! Cannot believe we live in the same area now and I rarely see him! Need to fix that...

Tomorrow is looking just as good! Worship in the morning with the team at FLC and then a nice afternoon/evening at home with Nicholas getting things done around the house, because Monday is Labor Day and we are planning on doing no such thing. No laboring around our house Monday, only "vegging and relaxing". Can't wait!

So glad to have gotten all these good things in my life out there for others to know about. (even if no one cares or reads this) I just have to PRAISE Him for such an incredible life. So many believers live their life as if God is depriving us of "things" and He is not. He knows exactly what we need and when. Trust Him.