Thursday, September 30, 2010

My A List...

So Lauren Paris has inspired me to write my own list and she owes me a coke or $100.00 either one. hahaha.

So my list is definitely what makes me happy and what I am truly thankful for no order actually.

this is try #2 because my computer's battery went dead in the middle of my last draft. :(

Here goes...

1. Nicholas Robert.

2. The fact that I have been placed, since day 1, in the most incredible family. MY DadT, Mother and Sissy are my precious prayer warriors, open ears and strong shoulders. ILYBBITWBW!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Seeing my Mimi improve weekly in her daily activities and seeing her personality be restored. :) Thank you Lord.

4. Lunch dates with PawPaw.

5. Godly, refreshing, inspiring, funny, silly, friends and the almost weekly dates we have with them.

6. Being under the leadership of a worship pastor who is passionate and purposeful in her commitment to leading the flock she is over into the presence of God Almighty, as well as being mentored and encouraged, prayed for and loved by her all at the same time. :) :)

7. Preparing for Kairos 25, at the Neal Unit, next weekend. The family of Godly women and men we are able to work with, the laughter, Godly advice and fun the women have! So excited!!

8. A job, work place and team that are fun to work with, full of grace (for the new girl), and the fact that I am not in charge there. :) So blessed!

9. Fall Air

10. The morning time on the couch with Bible in hand, kitty in lap and the day slowly waking up with me...I used to not like mornings at all, but I'm beginning to....weird.

11. Lauren. For letting me honest, real and still loving me despite or in spite of it all. ha.

12. Our cozy, lovely, sweet home, which God has blessed us with and filled with His love and spirit.

13. Learning that God does not deprive me. ever. ever. ever. When I desire things, that is healthy and to ask Him for those desires is expected, but if He chooses not to grant those desires in my time, that does not mean I am deprived.

14. The new curtains in our living room. :)

15. getting pedicures and my nails done regularly now. so fun and so thankful for that me time.

Well, at this point, I could think of the tiniest things I am thankful for and make me happy, but they would become redundant. quickly. I'll stop here and just wrap up by saying that everything in our life right now is so amazing...and with that said, bad things will happen, we expect them, but our attitudes are in a place of humility that God is molding us along as we go.


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