Saturday, October 16, 2010

Holy Vocabulary - Michael Kelley

Michael Kelley, whom I've known since I was a young one, has written another great resource, Holy Vocabulary. It is an incredibly refreshing read and is a wonderful study for personal or group use!

I am incredibly under-qualified to write a review of this book, but I'll give you all a "laymen's" critique of the book and why I encourage anyone who has grown up in the church, to give it a read. Of course, those who have not grown up in the church and need a clear, easy to understand study of the basic terminology of the faith will benefit from the book as well. Holy Vocabulary is refreshing and gives such great insight and a new found reverence for many words and subjects that those of us, who grew up in the Christian subculture, throw around daily.

Anyone who uses the Klingons in their book, for any reason, has won me over anyway, (I am a proud Trekky) but beyond that, I could not put it down for quite awhile after that. I read it rather quickly the first time through and now am beginning to go through it in more depth and at a much slower pace to stop at each place, study and journal. One could easily read the entire work in an afternoon, but would benefit even more through deeper study.

There are some great resources throughout the book that remind me of a "pop up video" type blurb that catches one's attention and gives them a nugget of information! I enjoyed those so much and found them helpful and insightful as well as just plain fun! Great addition to the book and great for discussion in a group study setting.

Again, overall, it is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to get a group discussion going with any of the words/topics in the book. Holy Vocabulary is a wonderful resource for your personal library, church library and life group or home fellowship study library. There are resources for small groups that you can purchase along with the book. I have not looked at them, but I know that they will help enhance your group time as you go through the study.

If you have not read Holy Vocabulary, I strongly suggest that you give it a read! You will be enlightened and refreshed as Michael leads you through the basics of the faith and the importance we have sometimes failed to realize in our subculture of Christianity today. Do not just take my word for it. I hope you will go out and read it for yourself.

Last, I would also mention that if you are new to studying your Bible, do not have an idea of where to start, or are stuck in a rut with your quiet time or group fellowship, Holy Vocabulary will wake you up!

Thanks to the author, Michael Kelley for his graciousness in allowing me to write a review and enjoy his work! Blessings on him, his family and his ministry. Check out his website at He is an amazingly blessed minister of the Word and I've enjoyed being under his teaching many times! There is much more information about him and his ministry on his webpage!
Thanks for reading and let me know how you enjoy it!