Thursday, November 18, 2010

6 weeks

So, we are 6 weeks along. We had a sono today and got to see a tiny little fetal pole and we even saw the flutter of a heart. :) beautiful! We're getting more excited everyday and hope to really start getting some things cleaned out of the office and stuff this weekend. I can't start too early right? haha Time is going to start flying by.

I'm feeling a bit yucky, most of the time, but have been eating healthy and trying to rest a lot. :)
Soaking up as much sleep as I can get right now is high on my priority list!!
I'll post the sono pictures soon!
Thank you for the prayers.


Living Passionately Means: said...

wow girl that's wonderful news!!! I am so excited for you!!! You will not believe the love that grows inside you more and more everyday for that precious child!! I cannot even begin to describe it, it's just something that has to be experienced! I'm so excited for you dear!
Love you!

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