Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 weeks

So, this week has been really up and down and I suppose the hormones have something to do with that. haha. Thanks to all of the advice everyone gave me on the stay at home thing....So many great pieces of advice and encouragement. With that said, there have been some opportunities that have come up for us and I am taking big leaps of faith and taking them. More details on that later, but I am quite confident that by the time we have the baby, I will be able to stay at home! Prayers are appreciated and I will blog later about the whole thing. :)

Since we found out so early along that we were pregnant, I feel like we have been pregnant a lot longer than we really have been. haha I'm sure I'll continue to have that feeling for the next 7 months. hah!
On the 27th we go to the doctor to try to hear the heartbeat! So exciting! I'm ready for Christmas to be over, so we can get to a normal schedule, get things done around the house, start the nursery and get things put together around here. :)

Christmas stuff is piling up around here, so I'm off, but more later I'm sure.


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