Monday, December 19, 2011

let it snow

I am enjoying the snow, as I sit here in the cozy house...thinking about how I have to get out and go work for a few hours in a little bit. But, once I get home tonight, I will be inside until wednesday. A whole day to be inside, finish some things for this weekend, baking and projects, get some cleaning done and of course snuggling. The only thing that would make tomorrow better is if we get so much snow that Nick gets to stay home too! :) hehe I'm sure it will just snow a regular amount, nothing too bad. But, at the rate it is coming down now, who knows! Guess we will see! 

So many things have been going thruogh my mind lately, like what gifts I have forgotten, what else I need to make for snack a thons and family gatherings, and all the stuff I have to get done for my friend's wedding next week. whew! The MAIN thing that has been taking up residence in my mind is the fact that I am soooo ready to start a fresh year! Here is my list of my 2012 goals and project ideas! Enjoy?!

Kitchen update!! 
        Paint, new backsplash, paint all hinges and handles, new flooring and shelving.
Utility area update!
         new shelf, artwork, lighting, soap dispenser, and organization. 
Living room!
         keep furniture arrangement, but update decor, get rid of old pieces I don't like, simplify.
         Finish headboard and footboard, find different chest of drawers, clean out closet, buy new sheets                    and possibly a new comforter
Ava's room! 
         Rearrange her furniture, clean out closet, create a play area for her in her room.
Plant a garden! A small vegetable garden in our back yard! We'll see how it goes! 
Put up a clothesline in the backyard as well, to reduce our dryer use in the summer! 

And here is the kicker!!! My huge goal for our house/family, etc is to build a room in our garage as an office/music room!!! I am really hoping that we will be able to tear down some old shelves in the garage and use that area to build a room! Our garage is quite spacious and I think this will be a great addition to the house and the garage. It will open up space for us in the kitchen, to get rid of our "office" in there and we will be able to put nick's drums, the office desk, guitars, amp, art stuff, etc!!
I will want to do a picture diary of it all so stay tuned! 

That is a list of remodels, repairs and updates! My goals for this year are as follows! 
Continue on my health journey! (lost 4 lbs so far)
        Eating within my calories per day, working out every week day

Create and put in place a weekly cleaning schedule for the house so each day I have a few things, not one day a week trying to catch up on everything. Also a monthly schedule of big cleaning projects to keep the house updated and kept. (carpets, curtains, etc)

This whole post is a compilation of very earthly and personally driven almost selfish goals/projects, but I feel that they will improve our home and our family's lifestyle. My spiritual and inward goals will take up whole other post entirely. :) 

much love,

Friday, December 16, 2011

Merciful Rain

Let the Holy Spirit come over you now
As the healing rain falls from the clouds
There is nothing you can do to deserve it
You don't have to earn His love
Let the rain fall from above

Merciful rain falls over the children
Merciful rain falls over the children
Merciful rain falls over the children of God
Over the children of God
Merciful rain falls

See the Holy Dove descending over you now
Feel the Living Water cleansing your soul
In the name of Jesus you have been forgiven
You have been redeemed forever
Fix your eyes on Heaven 

Today has been a whirlwind of crazy, emotion, clumsiness, tears, prayers, frustrations, lack of sleep, a million things going on in my head and finally an enormous and sudden smack on the face to focus me again. Thank you Lord?? 
2:34am- Ava wakes up....(she has been sleeping so well for months, so this was odd) I get up and try to console her and put her back to sleep.
3:00am - she's back to whining and I respond to her and try again to get her to go back to sleep. 
3:16am- I finally give up and take us both to the recliner in the living room and go to sleep with her there. 
8:00am- wake up and get her changed, fed.
9:30- Ava goes down for a nap. yay!!! hurry up and get a 10 min workout in (they are amazing by the way Check it out!! Christian wellness and fitness! 
9:45- Ava wakes up. At least I got a work out in. I rush to at least try to wash my hair and dry it.
10:15am - with freshly styled hair, even though Ava has been demanding my attention, I finally get her, pick her up, hold her and she calms down for a bit. Then she just starts to get fussy and nothing really gets her to get back to her happy self. I had already felt tired, cranky, and frustrated and now I could feel myself getting an attitude. Terrible of me, but true. I was frustrated and just wanted Ava to be her happy self so I could get at least a few things knocked off of my list, ever growing one at that, of things to do, accomplished. So, I let her play on the floor for a little while, before you know it, she's upset again. Ok I pick her up again and entertain myself for a moment by getting on Facebook on my phone. I had an update on our church page about our sweet friends The Taylors. William is there son and he is 4. He has a brain aneurysm and is in Dallas right now. Things are very serious and could take a very rapid turn in either good or bad direction. All of a sudden I realize. Shaina, what are you thinking? Where is your heart? What is your focus? What is your purpose this day? Is it to finish a list? Is your goal to accomplish a few chores so that  you can somehow feel better about yourself? Is your goal to make sure Ava is attended to, just so she won't be cranky? Are you being a mother of grace and patience? OR are you being wasteful of your time with your 6 month old? Why would you waste precious time being selfish and frustrated with your baby girl (and yourself for that matter) when there are precious people on their faces for their son's life. Get a grip Shaina. Be humbled and hold your baby tight. Pray for William, his mom Jenny and dad Roland, his three older brothers. Pray pray pray. 
Nick got home and I quickly ran to the store while he was here to watch Ava for a minute. I quickly got back and updated him on william and the situation. He leaves to go back to work and I start getting the things in the kitchen done (ava had fallen asleep again when I got back) As soon as I started getting things done in the kitchen, she wakes up. I felt frustrated and interrupted again. Really shaina? Didn't we just have this talk, you and me, the Lord says to me. Yes, we did. So I pick her up, hold her tight, and we play for a bit. She starts to act tired again and so I change her and get her to sleep for her afternoon nap. She's sleeping sweetly right now, in her crib, and I got some things accomplished. God knows my heart. 
He knows my humanity fails me often. He knows that my desire is to be His, to be a faithful, healthy, wife and mother. He knows I struggle with busy-ness and lists. He even knows that deep down I want to sit and snuggle all day with Ava, but it's not always possible. He knows that I ache inside for Jenny, as a mom, I can't imagine watching my baby hurt and struggle to get well and not get any closer to being well. 

All of that rambling to say...I NEED Christ. I NEED his mercy. I NEED his grace. constantly. every minute. I try so hard to do things on my own, even after having a very blunt reminder this morning from my sweet Jesus. I cannot breathe without Christ. I cannot function at all, much less, abundantly and wholly without Him. His being, his person, his essence. 
Forgive me Father for being so selfish. so wrong. so disobedient. Help me to live in your mercy, walk in your grace and serve you, my husband and my sweet baby as you serve me. 

blessings all,

p.s. please please please be in prayer for William and his family. Go to facebook and search prayers for william for updates. Thanks! 

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Sometimes I drive too fast
Sometimes I risk it all
Sometimes I'm reckless
And act like I'm made of steel
But I'm just flesh and bones
A product of the Fall
Still I have purpose
And this I know to be real

Life is precious, life is sweet
Like the earth beneath my feet
Though I know I'm passing through
I know I belong to You
Life is precious, life is sweet
And this truth makes it complete
Knowing Jesus died for me
Life is precious
Life is precious, life is sweet

I can't see past myself
When I get depressed
I take for granted
This life You've given me
There are a million ways
I've been so richly blessed
I can't imagine
Not being able to see

And this life I live in the body
I live by faith in the One
Who gave Himself for me

That is a really old song that I remember singing in youth choir, a million years ago. There was a sweet boy, that I didn't know well at all, but we share an Uncle and and Aunt. My Uncle Brad (on my mom's side) has a brother and his family that live in Odessa. They have 3 children. 2 girls and 1 boy. Carson, the middle and the only boy, took his life this weekend. It was a complete shock to his family. I had met Carson once, when he was tiny, and did not know him really, especially in the last few years of becoming a teenager, learning to drive, getting a first job, etc. I cannot imagine how much sorrow is filling his parent's heart. Just overhearing my aunt talking to my mother when she called was enough to make my heart cringe and my mind fill with the "what if's". What if someone new he was hurting? Did he know he was hurting? Was he getting any help? Was he being bullied? He was an avid hunter, as far as I know and was well aware of gun safety. I cannot fathom the hurt and pain he must have been going through to get to the point he did. I hurt for his parents as they will forever question and wonder about what led their precious son to end his life. My heart and my prayers go to them. I cannot get them off my mind. I know the Holy Spirit is praying for them with words that I cannot express.

Today has been an interesting, but good day. :) Church was a wonderful time of worship, fellowship and Dale shared a message that spoke straight to my heart. Faith is obedient. Period. Always. The mountain I'm facing is still a mountain, but the faith and power I feel inside to climb it is bigger and ready to go. Thank you Dale for being obedient to share the Word, the wisdom God has poured over you and for being real with us. After church, we came home and had home made chicken soup and then Nick got to working on our main bathroom toilet. I know you're jealous. I won't go into unnecessary details, just know that I am so thankful and proud of my husband for being "handy manny" and saving us money by doing it himself, even through the turmoil and frustration of it. ha! We have had a nice snuggly evening by the fire, watching a movie and enjoying the quietness (besides the occasional, ba ba ba, from ava). Life is precious. Life is sweet.



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 Minutes 5 Months

June 9, 2011 was an incredibly crazy day. I drove myself to the dr for a regular appt, well I was on bed rest at the time so it was a bit irregular, but none the less, an appt. We even had a sono before the appt. Nick went back to work after the sono and I went to my appt. Dr. Chandler said my blood pressure was still high and sent me to BSA for monitoring. Well, about 6 hours later we had Ava Renee'. 5 weeks early, but by God's grace that 5 weeks early was right on time. She had her cord wrapped around her neck a few times when they got her out during the c-section. Imagine if Dr. Chandler had sent me home. I don't like to imagine that, so I don't. I choose to thank the Lord and praise Him for an amazing little girl, who I get to call my own. He has let Nick and I borrow her for this time and we are beyond grateful. There have been some crazy moments and days since her arrival. She was admitted to the hospital around 8 weeks for a UTI. That is when we found out she has a kidney reflux and she is on medicine to help her body stay infection free and when she is closer to a year we will see if she needs a corrective surgery. We are trusting the Lord in this and know surgery or not He is in control. :)

I have been able to stay at home with her from day 1 and that itself is a huge gift from the Lord and it is also, honestly, a huge accomplishment and direct blessing of being smart with our money, living within our means our entire marriage and trusting the Lord that the time will be right to "move up" and enjoy bigger and better things financially. For, right now, we are to learn, grow and be discipled in the small things like living with less, making the most of our money, continuing to trust as we tithe (since day 1 of our marriage we have been united in this and it is being blessed every day) and learning that simplicity is allowing us to be closer to God, closer to each other and better people period. Simplicity is a blessing. It is something that amusingly does not come "simply" or easily. It is something that takes making the right choices, no impulse buying or spending, and when we do come across a blessing in the form of "green agape" as my daddy puts it, to be wise with it, thankful for it and to make the most of it. God is faithful to us.

I hear a lot of people say, "God will provide God will provide for all of my needs, he is testing me in this by allowing me to this that or the other". I'm not sure I completely agree. I do believe the Lord tests us and teaches us through lessons. I believe that God provides for his children. I also believe that the Lord has very specific instructions about finances, about home living, about our rolls as spouses, as parents and ultimately as His children. There are things that people claim and name and it drives me crazy when they do that and then goof off by not showing up for work, being defiant in their obedience to God in tithing, worship, marriage, parenting, etc. It is not easy to be obedient in pretty much anything, but it is worth it. It is not easy to always respect my husband, but it is worth the occasional biting of my tongue to let him know I submit to his Godly authority and trust his leading. It is not always easy to be quiet or humble or gentle, but it is God's command to me as a woman, a wife and a mother. Self control is not an easy task for anyone I think, but it is something God has set in place for us as believers for our good. Ultimately for His good.

When will we, as believers, as followers, be real with ourselves and each other? When will Godly living be a priority instead of getting the latest game, priciest SUV, biggest house or designer shirt? really. I'm baffled by our lack of priority. When do we quit assuming it is the church's job to raise our children in the Word and make it a priority in our home to read the Word and teach the Word and mainly LIVE the Word to our children? which first takes us reading the Word. When will we as Christian wives encourage our husbands daily by our words and our actions and mainly our attitudes? When will Christian men stand up for their wives and fight for them as they battle self esteem, weight, and significance issues? As Nick and I have grown in our marriage, now into parenthood and in ministry I am aware of how blessed I am to have a husband who continues to learn and want to learn how to better himself as a person, man, husband and father. As a woman, wife and mother I hope that it is obvious that I desire to grow, to be Godly, gentle, self controlled in speech and action, to raise my child in the Word and display grace to her.

ALL of this to say that you can have a full time job, a family, hobbies, ministries, a church home, etc and live simply. It is possible, it takes effort, but you don't have to be friendless, depressed and poor to live simply. But, you can have a crazy schedule and be fooling yourself, thinking you have a full life, rich life, so busy and happy, but what worth do all of the "things" have in your life? How many things are your kids involved in or are you involved in that have no deep does the Word and worship run in your home? Just questions and thoughts that have been stirring in my head. Things God has been convicting me of in this last 5 months of motherhood. I had been asking the Lord to refresh my mind, my heart and my relationship with him and he gave me a daughter.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Snow Cinnamon Rolls

Yes, it has been this way my whole life. The first snow of the season comes with one thing. Cinnamon rolls. Mom always made them on the first snow. Always. It was as if she was going to get in trouble for not making them. Which she might have gotten in trouble from Mimi because Mimi taught mom to make them on the first snow. AND before Mimi, Meemaw taught Mimi how to make them for the first snow. Meemaw was Pawpaw's mother (my Mimi's mother in law). She made the recipe and it, to this day, is the best cinnamon roll recipe ever. Ever. I will not make another one. This is it.

So, today it snowed. A lot, especially for October! So, Ava and I made cinnamon rolls. Well, she slept most of the process, but every first snow, she will know that we are making cinnamon rolls. I hope someday, she'll keep it going. 5 generations of cinnamon roll making. So sweet in so many ways.

blessings and stay warm!

Monday, October 24, 2011

someday it will stick

It seems that I always get these great ideas, goals and "this week it is going to happen" motivations on Sunday nights. For some reason I think that I can solve the world's problems, lose 20 lbs, clean my house til it reeks of perfection, be cute, act sweet, have all the creativity in the world, blah blah...for some reason I just get so motivated in my head on sunday nights and then Monday morning comes....
Monday morning comes and all I can think about is getting my Dr.Pepper on the way to Canyon to do chores and mimi and pop's, in which I forgot to do their laundry this weekend, so I had to quickly go throw it in the wash first thing this morning, I have no desire to be "cute", put on makeup or do my I just throw on a hat and figure since it is just mimi and pop's house I can get away with looking and feeling grubby. I still have in the back of my mind, "you should drink lots of water today, eat less, go for a walk, make the bed, pick up the junk around the house, do the budget, wash the dishes, etc etc.
I wonder how to funnel all of my thoughts into habits, into disciplines, instead of really lofty thoughts and ideas that haunt me all week....
When do little things like taking vitamins, drinking water, exercising and daily chores become second nature, or will they always be hard? I can visualize myself being healthy, trendy, creative, active, etc etc, but monday morning always shows up. It dampens my Sunday night dreams and thwarts all of my "grand plans for success" that I have mustered up in my head.
Somehow, someday, I will figure out how to wake up on monday morning, just as excited about my goals and dreams as I was on Sunday night.
Please Lord, help me on this! I need my Monday-Saturdays to be as determined as my sundays....

blessings y'all,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October has almost passed us by...

Woah! October is half way over. I am just now getting to a new blog and we have had such an eventful month! October started off by serving on the Kairos Prison Ministry weekend #27. It was an amazing weekend. Ava did great staying out at De Falco Retreat Center with us! We brought her pack and play and she just slept great, was a doll the whole time and got to enjoy some wonderful time with her Kairos Family and her first experience in ministry. I am thankful that our daughter is getting her first taste of ministry before she can even sit up on her own. :) God is good to us. PICTURES look at some of the pictures I took. I am so thankful that my little family is so focused on the Lord and serving him. We don't always do it right, we surely struggle at trusting him fully, but we are trying our best to raise Ava in a home and environment of service, of love and of grace. I am so thankful that Nick and I are on the same page as parents and that our hearts are one in this goal.
We have also been continuing to go through Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. It has been really good for us and has focused our efforts to finish paying off debt, school loans, etc. and educate us on investing for our future, and preparing for our next home, etc. I suggest ALL newlyweds read it and get organized financially before diving into marriage. I also suggest that ALL couples in general read it. It is so good. It is easy to understand and it works. One of the reasons that I think this book is so successful and is getting Nick and I so excited about paying off our debts, is for one, we both believe that being in debt is many ways sinful. Proverbs 22:7
Nick and I have been convicted of this and desire to not live in idolatry to debt and what it brings. We have the "typcial" debt. School loans, 1 credit card and our car payment along with our mortgage. Mortgages are very typical debt and 1 that seems to always be a part of our lives, but the other debts we have are needing to go and not continue to hold us down any longer. God is so good to have Nick and I on the same page on this as well. Not to say that it has been an easy ride so far, but we have grown closer in our marriage, our finances (especially being a 1 income household) are tight but work and we are finding ways to start snowballing the debt we have. So glad to have a husband who does not want to spend money we don't have on things we don't need. I have to say that finding frugal ways to celebrate, decorate and gift give are actually fun and have been a great creative outlet for me.
Ava has been doing lots of new things, lots of slobbering, chewing on things, growing into new clothes, had her 4 month check up and shots and had a clear UA test at the urologist last week. Praise God! We are thankful for no UTI's since that first one and we are still giving her the antibiotics every night. They are keeping her infection free without making her dependent. She gave us a little scare last night with a bout of high fever, but is doing better today. Thank the Lord! I am so thankful for his provision and for me being able to stay at home and be with her every day. I don't have to worry about missing work, etc etc. I can just be here for her. She is getting so much more animated and laughs more. We are working on sitting up on our own and rolling over...she sure hates tummy time, but she tolerates it here and there, long enough to work on getting her head up, etc.
Lauren took her pictures a few weekends ago and they are precious! Check out my facebook page to see them!
This weekend Lauren and I are going to have some craft time. I'm excited to get some of the gifts on my list made and spend time with my sweet friend. God is too good to me when it comes to her and her husband. We are edified, prayed for, encouraged by them and we laugh a ton and enjoy each other so much. Nick and I are so blessed to have them in our life and we are anxious to see where God takes them and what He does in their life in the next year. So much going on there! :) wow!
Ava is still napping, cookies are out of the oven (don't substitute margarine for shortening) blah!! Suppose I should get mimi and pop's laundry done and a little bit of our own laundry while I'm at it. Snuggly evening at home tonight, once nick gets home. Mac and Cheese, baked potatoes and veggies. I love home.


Guess that is all for now. Blessings.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Love My Life!!!

Stay-at-home mommyhood is the BEST!!! :) I know there are some mothers out there that would argue with me and some who might chime in right along with me. I am just in the middle of the best time of my life and I get to share it with an amazingly supportive, handsome, silly, loving, patient and hard working husband! AND a beautiful, silly, fun, snuggly daughter! SO blessed!

Today, my mother took a vacation day and just came over and played, like we did all summer after Ava was born. Today I got lots cleaned, in getting ready for my father in law and step mother in law to come in to town tomorrow. Then we baked! We baked and baked all sorts of yummy things for our Kairos bake sale going on this weekend. It was great to just hang out with mom and with ava all day and have fun!

Then, this evening, Nick, myself and Ava loaded up the stroller with a blanket and a bag of supper and walked to the park from our house and then we ate at the park and laid there for a bit just enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather!!! Then we walked the neighborhood at the pretty houses (dreaming a bit) and then walked all the way back home. :) yay!

Life is about to change around here, as we get rid of our satellite, internet will be gone for about a month as we switch service, etc So tonight was practice for the evenings with barely any "entertainment" in the house. We are glad to be giving up some not so needed luxuries in our home in order to get debt paid off and be free from the master of the lender. I've talked about our new dave ramsey plan we are on and it is encouraging. I know within a few years we will be SO glad we did this!

I've noticed a TON of people being whiners on facebook lately. Whether it is the new layout, a headache, their job, their spouse, blah blah. I think we have all had our fair share of complaining on facebook or whatever but really people....get a grip and look at all you have to be thankful for in your life. I think that the least of our worries should be the facebook layout when there are thousands of people finding out they lost a loved one, have cancer, lost their job, won't have food to feed their children, etc etc. I feel convicted of my own selfishness, but am also annoyed and somewhat disgusted by all the negativity and complaining I see on there. Wow!! (that is my rant for the day) Thank you. I feel as though a blog is a place where we can share that, complain, and express opinion and people choose to read it...on facebook it is just there in the open and it seems like it is ALL the time.

Ok, really, that is all. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Money Makeover Madness

So, Nick and I have started Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover Book and work book. So far it has been very eye opening and heart stretching for us both. There are a LOT of changes taking place in our household and I am ready for them and yet at the same time, my heart and mind take time to adjust to such drastic measures. Prayers are appreciated as we go through this massive undertaking. We know we are not alone and that God has asked us to do this and he will be faithful to us through it. I know that in the next few years we will be able to start being out from under the master of debt and we will not be slave to it. God desires his people to not live in debt and to be free from that idol. We want that for our family and desire to be able to be financially sound without borrowing. There is excitement and a slight discouragement as we adjust but it is going to be worth it! I know it will. :)

In Him,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Simple Saturday

Ava slept until 9. Of course we all got to bed after midnight, but still. WE SLEPT IN! hehehehehe. Nick is watching a movie and snuggling with his baby girl, I am procrastinating on finishing the budget, paying some bills, making a grocery list, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, finishing the laundry and making the bed....surely I can get to those things later. Right?

So last night, Dad and I went to Canyon's homecoming game. Most of it anyway. I've figured out that getting to anything on time now, is nearly impossible. So, either way, we got there and my sweet Morgan Dean got homecoming queen! Now that takes me back. They were "my" babysitting family. I got to watch Morgan and Weston for a few summers and I loved it. It was an awesome way to learn lots of things, hang out with two great kids and make a little spending money for the summer. They were and still are great "kids"....not really kids anymore. Just crazy how time has flown by! Congrats to Morgan!!! YAY! So proud! On top of hugging her neck I ran into an old high school classmate. It was amazing to see how far she had gone out of town only to make it right back to amarillo. :) Funny how people want to get as far away from here as possible and somehow they realize it is not so bad after all....that all led me to think about the fact that our class didn't have a 5 yr reunion or if we did I wasn't invited to it. hahaha. Either way I have a feeling that the 10 yr is going to sneak up on me and since I still have the bank account statements, I'm going to have to help. Perhaps not? We've got a few years still....I'll cross my fingers.

So, I suppose I should really get off of here and get going on my saturday to do list. This afternoon evening will consist of the park, then breakfast for dinner and a movie. Snuggly saturday nights are my favorite. I am just so thankful for the opportunity to stay at home with my baby and then have our hubby/daddy home in the evenings and on the weekends. It is the life!! :)

We have started Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover book. So far so good and I know we are about to hit a season in our marriage and home life that will be more different and possibly difficult than ever, but I can't wait until years down the road we look at our accomplishments and say WE'RE DEBT FREE! (not that there is a lot, but enough that we want to get rid of it all and celebrate that) :) So, if you see us, encourage us to keep up the work...because it is work. I might even go back to United a few evenings a week to jump start our debt paying and I suppose I could use some away time here and there as well.
Ok, that's all I've got.
Enjoy your Saturday, whatever you find to do, soak it up. Savor today. Love today. Love on your babies, your spouse, your friends and family. Be thankful and gracious for all the blessings in your life, even the ones that don't seem like blessings.

In Him,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Restless Heart

So many people in my life are struggling and going through trials they never thought they would ever have to face. Breast Cancer, brain aneurysms, divorce, rotten relationships, pain-physical and emotional, stress, financial stress, confusion and sadness. I am reminded this evening of the scripture in Exodus 14:14
"The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still."
There are so many things that I wish I could fix, make right, heal, etc and the Lord is telling me that my heart being bowed down, in total surrender to Him in the place of these hurting parents, confused children, sick family members, stressed out friends, etc is right where He wants me. I am best used on my knees, pleading for them. Sometimes it feels like there is nothing we can do for people, BUT pray. Really? BUT pray? I truly pray that my heart turns from thinking the only thing I can do is pray and it change to the first and best thing I can do is pray.
So Lord, we ask for your healing hand, by the power of Jesus Christ's blood that was shed, be over these hurting ones. I pray for William tonight...I pray that in your name, the 2 aneurysms disappear. I ask that in your name and by the power of your blood, they are gone, no traces of them or symptoms of them being there. We ask that of you in total faith, trusting that you know best. We know you are using this for good, you are covering Roland, Jenny and all 4 boys with your peace, your grace and your strength. We thank you, praise you and honor you for being constant, sustaining and powerful. I thank you for loving them and pouring over them, your Spirit. We plead with you for health and wholeness for William.
God I praise you for Nick's Mamaw and her successful surgery today, to remove breast cancer spot. Lord we praise you for your covering and ask for complete recovery and healing. She is a pillar for you in her family and we thank you that she is so faithful to you and to the ministry of her family. Thank you for your testimony of love.
Father I lift up the families hurting by drought, fires, and the destruction it has caused. You can and will rebuild. Give your children hope and peace as you guide them through the the process of trusting you and rebuilding their lives, both here in Texas as far away as Africa. Lord, rescue and save the weary.
I ask for true leaders to stand up and lead our country and our state. I am burdened in many ways that there is such a loss of truth, pride and faith in all facets of government now. Lord make yourself known, but help us that know you and love you to stand up for you more and more.
I trust you with all the things on my heart and mind this evening and know that you ARE in CONTROL. Daddy always says, God IS and all is WELL. So, I trust you Lord, I lay them all in your hands and rest in you. In your name, by your blood and for your glory,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bran Bread and Snuggles

Tuesday is a good day at the Weisgerber house. Ava and I are home all day and we get caught up on snuggling, naps, staying in our jammies, watching food network (not much longer, details later), a few chores here and there and then an evening at home with our hubby/daddy. We like Tuesdays a lot! Today we are making 7 Grain bread, zucchini bread, doing laundry, snuggling, napping and enjoying the clouds.
My sweet Mimi taught me to cook. I remember always being in the kitchen with her and helping her make dough, learning to knead dough, making meatloaf with our hands, frying chicken in a cast iron skillet, oh and cornbread from scratch, mickey mouse pancakes and that half a grapefruit she always had for breakfast on the weekends we would spend the night. She knew how to cut out the fruit pieces perfectly. I want to introduce Ava to all those fun things and joys of the kitchen that I am remembering and falling in love with all over again. Now that I am home with Ava, I have found this new love for home making that I have never really had before or maybe I've just suppressed it for a long time. Either way, I am loving the desire to get back into the kitchen and pull out the old recipe books. Instead of a pancake mix, why not make a pancake batter? Instead of buying pre-made dinners and heating them up, why not make a meatloaf from scratch? Instead of throwing out old bananas or zucchini, make bread! I guess my point is that lately I have needed to be frugal and creative, yet we are enjoying the tastes and flavors of farmer's market produce, fresh breads, home cooked meals and I love making my kitchen feel like my mimi's. used. :)

My Mimi gave me her cookbooks when the downsized living spaces and I love them so much. Simple recipes, from a simple time in history. She has two boxes of recipes that are mine when she is done with them. Someday, hopefully not soon, Lord willing, they will find their new home in my kitchen, but I think they'll feel right at home. Out of mimi's daughters, and 4 grandchildren, (yes 2 are boys), I got that cooking gene and I'm forever thankful!

So, today is baking day. Ava sleeps in her little lamb chair right by the kitchen door, I bake, work on laundry, listen to pandora and enjoy the easy going day...soaking up this time and savoring it for all it's worth. Ava doesn't realize it, but someday she'll get to help mommy cook like her mommy helped Great Mimi a long time ago. Is this what is was like for Mary to "ponder these things in her heart"? Perhaps... either way, this is what it means, in our life, to really live. The hustle and bustle happens regularly, hard to get away from it, but most of the time, we strive to live simply, richly and thankfully. I pray Ava grows up knowing that "the stuff" of the world is just that, "stuff" and that this home has been built upon generations of the same people, living simply, richly and thankfully...with Lots and Lots of love!

In Him,

I'll leave you with a recent picture as well:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ava Renee'

Here are some recent pictures of our sweet Ava for your viewing pleasure!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

new project...

I will post pictures when I'm done with it. :) so exciting! A freebie picnic table for our backyard!! Can't wait to put it to use...maybe when we have some cooler days/evenings.


Friday, August 19, 2011


So it has been a few weeks since I have posted and lots has happened in that time. Ava had a urinary tract infection and high fever and was admitted to the hospital for 3 days. She is doing better, but will have to have a procedure done on her bladder in order for her "reflux" or urine backing up into her kidneys to stop. It is a common procedure and is not invasive. No cutting or anything. I am not sure when it will be scheduled but I'm sure dr.medford's office will call us today or monday to figure that out.
Nick got a large raise at work and we are so very very thankful because he no longer has to work at united on the weekends and in the evenings. PRAISE GOD! we are so thankful.

I am craving fall. All things fall. I posted about it last time. I am so ready for cool mornings, cool evenings, crock pot wonders, baking, crafts, pumpkins, decorating the house (13 days til decorating day) haha! yay!! I am going to be crafting and making gifts this year for christmas! I am trying to stay on a one income budget gift plan this year and seeing that I have an art degree, I'm sure I can think of something. If I didn't have a degree I'm sure I could still muster something up. haha I'm excited though, to get things going and when the evenings cool down I'd love to go out to the garage studio and get working while nick watches our sweet Ava inside. (they like to watch old spiderman cartoons) hehe

I've also decided that pintrest is one amazing website and a treasure trove of inspiration and ideas!! I love it and I feel so inspired every time I get on and see all the pins other people pin and then finding pins as well. I am excited to try some things out this fall!

It is entirely too hot to do anything else this summer. I just keep the curtains and blinds closed most all the time now, to keep the cool air in the house and I am even keeping the lights off half the time too. depressing. I'm ready for natural light, breeze and taking Ava to the park in the mornings for walks! (and evenings to daddy can go too).

Overall, loving life, loving my Ava, getting inspired to be creative, and all around happy, blessed and just down right spoiled. :)
love you all,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Fall...

Can it come soon enough?! NO I don't think it can come soon enough. I am so so tired of this heat! With that being said, not only am I ready for cooler weather, but I am ready for all that is going on this fall! Here is my list of fall things that I am excited about!

Anything below 100 for the high
soups, stews, anything crock pot cooking can make
trip to the mountains
fires in the fireplace
art lessons (The gallery is starting to offer art lessons for kids) yay!!
painting in my garage studio
snuggling without sweating...hahahahha

Here are some of our family pictures Lauren Paris took! She is amazing! We love her for many reasons, this is just a perk!

So many amazing pictures! So little frames! :)

A small sidenote:
The G@llery- Fine Art & Design is going to be offering ART lessons for kids this fall! We will introduce young adult/adult lessons after we see how the kid lessons turn out! We are excited to offer this and will be getting details out soon!

Aunt Staci comes home today! We are all excited and since it is mom's first day back at work, Nick's work has been crazy today and Dad is soo wishing he was retired today, we are all in need of some EXCITEMENT! :) yay sissy!


Monday, August 1, 2011


So my mother has been an amazing helper the last few weeks. She has been off of work for the summer and I am so thankful she has been able to come and help me get my house in order now that I am a stay at home mommy. :)

We decided to do some decorative stuff to the walls, windows, put the mantle up, mom made decorative pillows, we organized closets, the kitchen, hung up things around the house, etc. etc.

Here is one of my favorite things we have done.

The empty frames that are hung diagonally will have family pictures in them soon. :)
Here is part of the process...starting with a blank wall. the blankness has been there since the day we moved in...finally corrected! :)
mom stenciling the background....
finished stencil background...
i took a cheap frame and painted it like the w's I painted. easy!

Overall the project cost around 30 dollars. I did not get any close up pictures of the "bookshelf". There are some easy DYI tutorials online for making them though!
Thanks to mom for her help and craftiness! and pintrest for so much inspiration!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

I confess...

I hate breastfeeding. there I said it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

well...that was weird!!

So, we did not make it to our due date of July 14...that is in 2 days...haha! Nick and I had Ava Renee' Weisgerber on June 9, 2011! That would be 5 weeks early! There were things going on, like high blood pressure and swelling that led to bed rest for me. About a week after being put on bed rest, we had her! The C-section went well and they even found out that Ava's cord was wrapped around her 3 times. PRAISE the LORD that he got me in to surgery in order to deliver her, because she could have died, with the cord wrapped so much. God is sovereign and so amazing!! We thank Him and praise Him for his hand on our daughter and on me through the whole surgery, recovery, and for Ava while she was in the NICU for 6 days. The whole time she was in the NICU we felt the Lord with us and knew he was with her. She grew, got rid of tubes each day and did so well! I could write and write about the whole experience, but I won't. It was a learning time, a time of true faith testing and trust. We also realized the amount of support, love and encouragement that was surrounding us the whole time. WOW! God is so amazing to provide such sweet and thoughtful people in our life.

So, life since June 9th. I have been at home with Ava and will continue to be a stay at home mom. I am thrilled and so blessed to be able to do this! Wow! Nick is one amazing husband, dad, provider, worker, etc. He works so much for us to be able to do this, but still manages to make time to help out, love on our sweet Ava and myself, and serve. Such an amazing man and we are so thankful for him!

Here are some pictures of our journey so far!
That is nick getting ready...
off to surgery...

nick showing her off...on the phone of course...Ava went straight to the NICU
things went great! :) he looks a little tired haha (not as tired as i was)

recovery...feeling yuck still, but on the mend....can't wait to meet Ava (saw her for a second, but then didn't see her again for 1.5 days)
feeling like crap still...hahaha
Miss Ava Renee' - all grubby from birth, but doing fairly well at this point.

day after her birth, she was on a C-pap machine for her breathing. it regulated it for her and the next day she got to take it off.
nick and his sweet girl before bath in the NICU. She weighed in around 6 lb 6 oz then. We were happy to get to "hang out" with her for awhile.
mommy got to hold Ava :) (this was a day after we got discharged, I had held her a couple times before now, but this was a good few minutes of snuggling) and make up makes a girl feel amazing sometimes
going home! :)
one of my favorites now that we are home together... :) squooshy face haha!

Again, thanks for all of your prayers, support, love and care. We are thankful and just want to let you all know that! I will try to keep this updated for everyone! Lots of stuff to write, but I better get back to other things.
Shaina, Nick and Ava

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

bed rest day ??

haha. so I have been put on continued rest probably until Ava gets here. Parts of me, like my feet, legs, knees, abdomen, hands, fingers, head, and stamina are glad about it. My always active and going and doing something mind, heart and will are struggling. I get emotional being alone all day at home while Nick is out working his butt off for our well being. I get to where I want to do something around the house and I get part of it done and then get so tired, so I stop and rest for awhile. I know people are telling me to soak up the rest, the quiet, the being waited on hand and foot, etc. and I am in my own way, but I am desiring to be back to my "normal" self in many ways. I would love to lose all of the fluid retention, I desperately desire to meet my sweet baby, I am tired of pregnancy hormones, I want to be able to tie my shoes, ok WEAR my shoes. haha.
I am thankful for this time of being quiet, of being surrendered completely and still learning to be even more surrendered to Him. I am thankful for the rest. Don't get me wrong. I will desire rest again soon I know. I also know that being home with Ava I will have the opportunities some don't, to rest in the day with her, to soak up as much time with her as she grows and develops than some people because of the sacrifices we are about to make financially. Nick is so amazing to want this as well and work for it.
So this evening I am trying to do some small chores so that when people come visit, the house won't look too horrible. :) haha. I do have visitors coming tomorrow and thursday so that will be nice. Sweet friends and family.

I just can't thank nick enough for all he does, for all he is doing and what he is becoming for our family. I pray that I am becoming the wife, mother and woman that God wants me to be during this time of transition, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. I feel like we joined hands and jumped off the cliff into parenthood, stay at home mommy-hood, 2 jobs to provide-hood etc and nick's face is like WEEEEEE and mine is like HOLY CRAP!!! haha. :) He is so patient and quietly full faith and strength. I am weak and a cry baby! We fit well together, God knows that full well. :)

guess that is all for now.

Monday, June 6, 2011

You Are Good- Nichole Nordeman

When the sun starts to rise
And I open my eyes
You are good, so good
In the heat of the day
With each stone that I lay
You are good, so good

With ever breath I take in
I'll tell you I'm grateful again
When the moon climbs high
Before each kiss goodnight
You are good

When the road starts to turn
Around each bend I've learned
You are good so good
And when somebody's hand
Holds me up helps me stand
You are so good

With every breath I take in
I'll tell You I'm grateful again
'Cause its more than enough
Just to know I am loved
And You are good

So how can I thank You
What can I bring
What can these poor hands
Lay at the feet of a King
I'll sing You a love song
It's all that I have
To tell You I'm grateful
For holding my life in Your Hands

When it's dark and it's cold
And I can't feel my soul
You are so good
When the world is gone gray
And the rain's here to stay
You are still good

So with every breath I take in
I'll tell You I am grateful again
And the storm my swell
Even then it's well and You are good

Friday, June 3, 2011

bed rest day 2

well, we're on day 2 of bed rest. I guess things have gone well so far. I have a terrible cough with a lot of drainage. It is drying out my throat and making it real sore, so that is very frustrating. I'm praying that it is not a cold or anything too serious, that way I won't have to be on any medications. I am figuring out that I am quite swollen all over. I didn't realize it until I stopped and now I see I am swollen all over. I also didn't realize just how much pain I have been in until I stopped long enough to notice. So, overall I'm praying for some peace, healthy blood pressure, blood/urine tests, etc to be found out on monday. then for ava to be ok and keep growing.
suppose that is all for now...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bed rest...

so I didn't think I would have to get to this point in our pregnancy. Things have been so smooth and great the whole time. But, here we are. Until monday, I will be resting at home. This seems like a great little vacation but it isn't. I feel rather useless and I am struggling with feeling like I'm letting everyone down. I know the enemy is just trying to keep me anxious, stressed and frustrated, so I am looking at bed rest, as a time of surrender, quietness, and a time to listen and prepare for this huge life change coming. I am always going a million miles a day and so God is forcing me to stop, slow down, be quiet, still and listen to him. Pray I surrender and really listen to him during this weekend. I pray I can sleep, read, pray, work on some stuff for design and mary kay (while on the couch) and also make flower balls for Robbie's wedding! (while on the couch) :) no worries, I won't be up and about. prayers are appreciated. I'm sure I will blog again sometime this weekend.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

so ready...

I still have a little over a month and a half before our due date...and I am already just a bit miserable! I have not had any problems until now...swelling. terrible swelling. I'm praying for things to lighten up a bit. The swelling used to come and go, but now it is pretty constant. I know this comes with the whole package...but some relief would be good and we really can't afford for me to be on bed rest right now. Prayers appreciated. more later I'm sure

Thursday, May 26, 2011

7 weeks

I know, I've slacked. so we have hit the 7 week mark. Of course, this little girl might just want to come before the end of the 7 weeks...i think I will be ok with that. :) I am hitting the almost miserable stage right about now. we go to the doctor on june 1st. We will have another 2 week check up after that and then we'll go every week. Crazy to think how fast it has all flown by. I know the years will speed up even more now. There are some odds and ends things to get ready and to buy before she gets here. I'm trying to rest as much as possible now that I am in this last stage. I think she is growing an inch this week. literally, I read in an article that this week in the pregnancy she can grow up to an entire inch!!! no wonder I feel so incredibly tired and miserable today. Laying on my left side is what works best for me. I want to just lay there like that all the time, it is the most comfortable. Looks like I will have to find some way to get through work and everything for a few more weeks. lots of water.
I suppose that's all I've got today...
more later perhaps...


Monday, May 9, 2011

10 weeks to go...

I could say we have been going at this for 30 weeks, but saying we have 10 weeks to go is a lot more fun and exciting right?! :) We have been blessed and showered by so many gracious people over the last few months, especially this last weekend! What an amazing blessing to be in the middle of! I cannot imagine doing any of this without our families, closest friends and more than anything or anyone, Jesus. He has been guiding us and holding us up this whole time and I know he will continue to.
As things get closer, we get a little bit more tense about things. money, insurance, etc etc. I keep telling myself that somehow it all just irons out and that holding sweet Ava makes it all worth it and come together. At some point I will post pictures of the shower and more sono pics. Soon I'm sure we will be posting Ava pictures. unbelievable! I am doing her first few loads of laundry this evening, amongst dishes, picking up junk around the house and trying to nest her room a bit :)

Nick had worship practice tonight and then got called into his real job to "fix" the computer...hoping it is not too serious, but hopefully he can figure something out...

Lots to do and lots to soak up in the next 10 weeks. Life is about to change in every way.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

29 weeks

We're in the middle of the 29th goes by fast. I know there are some weeks ahead of us that will not go by so quickly, but for now, things seem to be flying by.
There are lots of things to get finished. The main thing I have on my mind right now is the shower coming up this weekend. First of all, I have the sweetest friend God could have ever placed in my life. The best thing about this friend is that I didn't go out and find her, try hard to make her my friend or exhaust myself in keeping her my friend. I am just beyond blessed to have this woman of God who encourages me, sharpens me, keeps me accountable, loves me at my worst and understands my struggles and pushes me through them. I have gone through my life having lots of acquaintances, and sweet "friends", but I have yet to have a friend, until now, who serves me. A random coke dropped off at my work, a little baggie of goodies when I've had a bad day... the shower of the century she is planning, besides that, all the emails we share during the daily grind of the week and then great date nights with our amazingly Godly and wonderful hubbies. This season of my life, is so crazy busy, a bit stressful and so wonderful all at the same time, but without her here to talk with, complain to, have prayer from and just be the biggest encourager, I would be that girl on facebook complaining right and left, skipping out on things, whining about this and that, etc. Her noticing my attitude and diligent effort to keep my mind and heart positive throughout this entire experience has been such a blessing.
There have been amazing blessings come in and out of my life, there are women in my life that are still special to me and God continues to put new women in my life as well, but never before have I been as blessed and as encouraged by a "best" friend, than when I have with her. Thank you Lord. I'm blessed beyond measure. I pray I am as encouraging, as honest, inspiring and sweet as she is to me.

So with that said, I am so excited to be the honored guest at the baby shower this weekend. I am truly beside myself with how adorable I can only imagine it will be. :) so fun!

There is a room in our house that now has pink walls. All of them, Pink. :) I would never have thought that I would have pink walls on any room in my home, but they are precious and the entire room for Ava is coming along so well, thanks to my mother and my mother in law. Mom and Sharon painted and it already just looks so great! I can't wait to show pictures of our final product!

OK, on a total opposite side note....I have some great product for mother's day, in stock, or gift cards/certificates available for your mom, mother in law, grandmother, etc. Just let me know what I can do for you. I have new catalogs, if you'd like a copy, let me know! if you like to look online!

Schedule a FREE facial for yourself and your mom and each of you get a $10.00 gift card! Contact me and we'll get yours set up! Make it a party and earn FREE product! 50.00, 100.00, etc. Give me your guest list and I do the rest for you!! :) Easy and fun!

k, that's all!

Monday, April 25, 2011

28 weeks...

ok ok. I've slacked at the blog....I've slacked at a few things lately, I think mainly because I am so exhausted. Nick has been working a few evenings a week and so I feel like there are things here at the house that I need to get done while he is gone, since he is working so hard, but there have been a few evenings that I cannot seem to muster the energy to do any of it. Hoping tomorrow I will have some better "umph" to get the laundry finished, the kitchen cleaned up and some of Ava's stuff gone through and organized.
Mom and Sharon came over and painted Ava's room Saturday and just lack one coat of paint! So pretty!! I love it and I think the whole room is going to come together so well. :) We have a few big pieces to get put in and finished, but I think it will come together quickly, once we get those few things ready.
Nick and I have a lot to finish around the house before Ava comes...lots of cleaning out and de-cluttering.... as well as re-arranging our bedroom to accommodate months of late nights and a little one who will need to be fed often and so forth.
We're having a garage sale this weekend in Canyon. Stuff combined from nick and I plus my grandparents will be in it and that should help us get rid of more stuff. I hope to make a little bit off of the garage sale as well, to put towards some bills and stuff.

Ava likes to move a lot these days! It is getting harder to sit, stand, lie down, bathe, just about everything is getting to be a bit harder to do...and that is fine, just trying to adjust to it all.

Lauren took our pictures saturday evening and I can't wait to see them! I'm sure she did wonderfully and I think we will be so glad we got them done. Such sweet times to remember.

I think that's all for now. My brain is a bit fried. I'll try to scan and post the newest sonogram pictures soon, probably after the shower, because they have the book of prints! :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

23 weeks...

we've made it past the half way mark by a few is crazy to think about it really. Lauren and I went thrifting and to hobby lobby on saturday and found some great stuff for Ava's room! We are going to pick out paint, register and find a crib, hopefully soon. :) Time is running short, when I think about all that there is to do before she gets is crazy!

I'm beginning to actually feel pregnant. My left foot keeps swelling up and I am having to force myself to slow down and rest. It is hard for me to do that...especially feeling lazy and unproductive, but I know I have to rest and keep off my feet more and more.

Really there is not much else to report. I go to see Dr. Chandler tomorrow, so hopefully I will have more to report, good news anyway. I'm sure she'll schedule the glucose test and another sonogram. So, hopefully I will be able to get through that...I've heard it is a monster of a test to get through.

Guess that is all for now...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Picture Time...

for those of you who are interested.... Miss Ava Renee's first big photo shoot...I'm sure her Aunt Loo will be photographing her as much as she can once she makes her arrival, until then here she is!
we think she is already the cutest thing we've ever seen. :)