Thursday, January 20, 2011

week 15

this is day 1 of week 15 and the hormone bus has hit me once again. yay. I just love going from great to bad in a matter of minutes. I guess my mind gets to thinking too much and I start freaking out about all the stuff that is going to change, has changed and is changing, plus all of the other life changing things that go on with having a baby. Suppose I am just a bit overwhelmed tonight. One is never really ready for this. You can be as prepared as you possibly think you can and still be unprepared. I'm asking that the Lord just keep me going day to day right now and to help me not get caught up too bad in all the things that make me anxious. On that note, a few chores and bed are all that's left on the schedule tonight; that and some quiet time with Jesus. The one who can calm my anxiety. :)

Night all,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

week 14

This is the middle of week 14 and I have felt a bit less energetic and spunky. haha. I have felt a bit slow and my mind is definitely dragging. I am not "on top" of things like I wish I could be or need to be. I am having to really think through things and fight to keep focused. Nick and I have been talking about the nursery and of course I thought I had it all planned out either way, but you know, I had to change my mind. We don't even know what this baby is yet and I have already changed my mind on the nursery theme or lack of theme, if it is a boy. haha. I am glad I am changing my mind before any money has been spent, etc. :)

I decided to finally put a sono up here. This is actually from 6 8 weeks later, I am sure this little one is quite a bit bigger than a poppyseed now. :) more like a lemon, but I know some of you who actually read this might enjoy a picture! no belly pictures yet. I still just look fat. hahaha

So there he or she 6 weeks. Now that we are almost to 15 weeks, I just can't wait to get to see him/her again and possibly find out if it is a he/she. :) yay!!

I suppose there is not a whole lot to put on here right now other than I am a bit overwhelmed recently with all of the "stuff" one needs and some stuff that one doesn't need but wants when it comes to newborns. so so so much stuff. I guess I am going to have to get rid of more of my stuff around the house to make room for it all. :)

question for those mommies who read this: I was asked what bottles I will be using...ummm, I'm only 15 weeks barely and I have not yet even thought of what bottles to use...any suggestions??

thanks y'all!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

week 13

Well, tomorrow ends week 13. Kind of crazy how time has flown and yet I feel like we are creeping by. Some great advice I received today was, "soak up everything about your first pregnancy. Not that the others aren't precious but they are not the same as the first." Sound advice and words that I want to take more seriously as I notice things flying by. I want to continue to be aware, soak up every moment, yes, good and bad. I want to not be so consumed with doing things to prepare that I totally miss out on the absolute blessing of it all as it unfolds.

So, I started a journal the week after we found out we were pregnant and have been fairly good to keep up with it until the last few weeks. I would love to catch up a bit in that and write down just the daily things that I would want him/her to have someday. It is for me now, but I know it will be special to him/her later.

Nick and I got a lot more done in cleaning out the extra room, soon to be nursery. I think we ended up just moving stuff from that room to other places or the garage, but it is not in that room, so it is progress. :) I will be happy to have things cleaned out and ready for whatever decor we go with. Lots to figure out before then though! I will post our ideas sometime soon.

For now, what cribs do any of y'all recommend for us? What did y'all use and what worked best for y'all? My parents are gracious and are excited to get us the crib for bb and I want to start doing some homework on them and get some advice! :) thanks!!


p.s. maternity pants seem to be the comfiest pants I have. besides my pj's. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

12 weeks

well, week 12 ended and 13 has begun. I still have not felt sick this entire time, so I am thankful for that over and over. I do feel more energy and "alive-ness" I know that is not a word. haha. I just feel better and know that this will now be the time when I must get things accomplished. :) Things are going well on most ends of the life spectrum. Nothing outrageous has happened and the holidays are over, so we are happy! :) Not that the holidays were bad, but it is nice to settle back in to normalcy.

Mary Kay is so fun and I am enjoying it so far! Things are going right along and so I am confident that with my coaches and my inspiration growing inside of me, to stay home when he/she is born, I know I will succeed and enjoy the journey there! So far I have learned so much about myself, pushed myself, stretched myself and have really learned a lot about myself and how much having a baby is changing my work ethic, desires and heart.

Out of all of the things going on I desire to grow deeper in prayer and study with the Lord, yet keep failing in planning ahead, setting aside that special time and really digging in past deep. I am praying for a place I can settle into daily, to spend time with Jesus as I am going through so many spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical changes. My mind runs all day and my heart is growing bigger every day.

Question of the week for all you moms:

What is your favorite gadget or gizmo that has helped you with the first few months of mommyhood? :)