Thursday, January 6, 2011

12 weeks

well, week 12 ended and 13 has begun. I still have not felt sick this entire time, so I am thankful for that over and over. I do feel more energy and "alive-ness" I know that is not a word. haha. I just feel better and know that this will now be the time when I must get things accomplished. :) Things are going well on most ends of the life spectrum. Nothing outrageous has happened and the holidays are over, so we are happy! :) Not that the holidays were bad, but it is nice to settle back in to normalcy.

Mary Kay is so fun and I am enjoying it so far! Things are going right along and so I am confident that with my coaches and my inspiration growing inside of me, to stay home when he/she is born, I know I will succeed and enjoy the journey there! So far I have learned so much about myself, pushed myself, stretched myself and have really learned a lot about myself and how much having a baby is changing my work ethic, desires and heart.

Out of all of the things going on I desire to grow deeper in prayer and study with the Lord, yet keep failing in planning ahead, setting aside that special time and really digging in past deep. I am praying for a place I can settle into daily, to spend time with Jesus as I am going through so many spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical changes. My mind runs all day and my heart is growing bigger every day.

Question of the week for all you moms:

What is your favorite gadget or gizmo that has helped you with the first few months of mommyhood? :)



Kallie G said...

Boppy!!!! :) And, I'm sure you have heard this but don't waste your money on a store bought nasal aspirator(or booger sucker. . .haha)! Save the one from the hospital. That thing works wonders!
And Ricky said some sort of a chair that vibrates and rocks. (That kind of depends on the child but both of ours liked it.)
Also, once they have support of their head, a Bumbo chair is GREAT! And it can be used for several months to come.

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait for you to find out if you are having a boy or girl! :) Then the fun really begins. . .aka shopping and having a name(well, in our case the shopping. . .not so much the name . .we are stumped! ha!)

Megan said...

We have a vibrating bouncer that both of my boys have used! And I don't think we would have survived without it! Okay we would have survived but I may not have ever gotten a shower! And everything that Kallie said is also true! Ha ha! So excited for you! Congrats!!

tblh said...

The boppy pillow!!!

The G@llery - Fine Art & Design said...

thanks gals!! :)