Wednesday, January 12, 2011

week 13

Well, tomorrow ends week 13. Kind of crazy how time has flown and yet I feel like we are creeping by. Some great advice I received today was, "soak up everything about your first pregnancy. Not that the others aren't precious but they are not the same as the first." Sound advice and words that I want to take more seriously as I notice things flying by. I want to continue to be aware, soak up every moment, yes, good and bad. I want to not be so consumed with doing things to prepare that I totally miss out on the absolute blessing of it all as it unfolds.

So, I started a journal the week after we found out we were pregnant and have been fairly good to keep up with it until the last few weeks. I would love to catch up a bit in that and write down just the daily things that I would want him/her to have someday. It is for me now, but I know it will be special to him/her later.

Nick and I got a lot more done in cleaning out the extra room, soon to be nursery. I think we ended up just moving stuff from that room to other places or the garage, but it is not in that room, so it is progress. :) I will be happy to have things cleaned out and ready for whatever decor we go with. Lots to figure out before then though! I will post our ideas sometime soon.

For now, what cribs do any of y'all recommend for us? What did y'all use and what worked best for y'all? My parents are gracious and are excited to get us the crib for bb and I want to start doing some homework on them and get some advice! :) thanks!!


p.s. maternity pants seem to be the comfiest pants I have. besides my pj's. :)


Megan said...

We found ours at JC Penny online. I'm not sure what brand it actually is but we love it and was a very reasonable price compared to what you might find at other places!

tblh said...

We got ours at sears, my suggestion though get a play pen with bassinet for the first while i know the rooms aren't far apart but in the middle of the night they are but it all depends if you are planning on having the baby in your room at first