Thursday, January 20, 2011

week 15

this is day 1 of week 15 and the hormone bus has hit me once again. yay. I just love going from great to bad in a matter of minutes. I guess my mind gets to thinking too much and I start freaking out about all the stuff that is going to change, has changed and is changing, plus all of the other life changing things that go on with having a baby. Suppose I am just a bit overwhelmed tonight. One is never really ready for this. You can be as prepared as you possibly think you can and still be unprepared. I'm asking that the Lord just keep me going day to day right now and to help me not get caught up too bad in all the things that make me anxious. On that note, a few chores and bed are all that's left on the schedule tonight; that and some quiet time with Jesus. The one who can calm my anxiety. :)

Night all,

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