Saturday, February 19, 2011

week 18 & 19

I missed week 18. I guess there was not much new to report, besides the craziness of our schedule... Things are just busy as ever. Week nights are full except for wednesdays. Weekends are always full. If I can get a saturday morning at home I soak it up, as well as the quiet. This morning I am at work for a few hours, which is good. It's been kind of busy, as always when we first open, we're hoping for a mild morning, nothing too crazy. Then we have an Art Party to work at 1:00. Worship practice for church is at 3:30 and then church is at 5:15. Dinner with mimi, pops, mom and dad, and the aunt and uncle this evening after church. Church again in the morning and then I have girls coming at 2:00 for facials at my house for mary kay. CRAZY. I guess that is why I went to bed at 7:30 thursday night for a "rest" but did not get up until friday morning. tired. The baby's room is not cleaned out yet. I reallly want to get that finished by monday, since we are supposed to find out on monday what this baby is. I'd like it to be cleared out and ready to decorate asap. :)
I still have not felt the baby a whole lot. I'd like to know for sure that he or she is moving around...of course in a month or so I will be wishing him or her to settle down a bit, so I wait. :)

I'm excited to find out who we are having, JRW or ARW. :) can't wait!!

Any guesses??

Thursday, February 10, 2011

week 17

So, week 17 is I suppose, officially over...but I can't just skip a week. This week I think I shall dub the week of the breakdown. Yes, there were at least 3, count them, 3 breakdowns. good sized, hormonal, emotional, cryfests that were just exhausting, but I guess they are to be expected and were needed in a way. Good to get it all out and start over again on the faith building, trusting the Lord, believing he is good and has our best interests in mind...ya. God is gracious to me. He loves me where I my unbelief, in my doubt, and he takes my mustard seed and moves mountains. I guess that is week 17 in a nutshell.
We find out on the 21st what this little bb is....I'm anxious to know! I am still waiting to feel that kick, that I know is a kick. I've felt some funny feelings and so I hope that is what I'm feeling, but I want to know for sure. :)


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

week 16

Well, we are almost to the end of week 16 and I think I quite possibly felt our little baby moving in there....but I am not for sure. I mean, it's not like I have ever felt anything growing inside of me before, so I do not know what to feel other than what has been told to me. I am getting excited that in a matter of weeks we should be able to know what we are having. Our dr's appt is on Feb 21st and if he/she cooperates we will know. I feel as though things will start to move really fast after that point. It will be the half way point of the pregnancy, we'll be able to start decorating and registering and things will seem to move quickly I think.

My heart is to be able to stay at home with our little one and I believe with all of my heart that God is leading our family to that point. It is a matter of waiting and watching to see where God is going to move and work in order for that to be possible. We're praying and waiting. Actively at that. God is placing things in our life to help supplement and prepare, but Nick and I both feel that this is a matter of faith as well. Getting to this point has and as we surrendered our desires and our ways of trying to make things happen in our life, he provided and blessed. I know it is the same thing with this. I'm trusting.
Prayers for us are appreciated as we continue to trust, pray and prepare for all this newness that is about to bombard our life.