Thursday, February 10, 2011

week 17

So, week 17 is I suppose, officially over...but I can't just skip a week. This week I think I shall dub the week of the breakdown. Yes, there were at least 3, count them, 3 breakdowns. good sized, hormonal, emotional, cryfests that were just exhausting, but I guess they are to be expected and were needed in a way. Good to get it all out and start over again on the faith building, trusting the Lord, believing he is good and has our best interests in mind...ya. God is gracious to me. He loves me where I my unbelief, in my doubt, and he takes my mustard seed and moves mountains. I guess that is week 17 in a nutshell.
We find out on the 21st what this little bb is....I'm anxious to know! I am still waiting to feel that kick, that I know is a kick. I've felt some funny feelings and so I hope that is what I'm feeling, but I want to know for sure. :)


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