Tuesday, March 22, 2011

23 weeks...

we've made it past the half way mark by a few weeks...it is crazy to think about it really. Lauren and I went thrifting and to hobby lobby on saturday and found some great stuff for Ava's room! We are going to pick out paint, register and find a crib, hopefully soon. :) Time is running short, when I think about all that there is to do before she gets here...it is crazy!

I'm beginning to actually feel pregnant. My left foot keeps swelling up and I am having to force myself to slow down and rest. It is hard for me to do that...especially feeling lazy and unproductive, but I know I have to rest and keep off my feet more and more.

Really there is not much else to report. I go to see Dr. Chandler tomorrow, so hopefully I will have more to report, good news anyway. I'm sure she'll schedule the glucose test and another sonogram. So, hopefully I will be able to get through that...I've heard it is a monster of a test to get through.

Guess that is all for now...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Picture Time...

for those of you who are interested.... Miss Ava Renee's first big photo shoot...I'm sure her Aunt Loo will be photographing her as much as she can once she makes her arrival, until then here she is!
we think she is already the cutest thing we've ever seen. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

week 20...half way

well, we have made it half way in this journey. Things have been fairly easy on me, physically. I have not been sick, felt too bad or anything, but I have gone through quite the emotional roller coaster, one which most pregnant women will tell you they have ridden on. So, I do not feel alone in that. I do know for certain that I have had to truly live what I believe though, in faith and trusting the Lord. It is such an incredibly scary and emotionally draining time, yet exciting and amazing all at the same time! Seems as though, when I am down, Nick is up and when Nick is down I am up. God is amazing to us in our marriage that we are usually not down at the same time, but we love when we are both up. :) Not sure if that made any sense at all, but we are learning a lot about how we adapt to change and the unknown. Lots and lots of growing. :)

I started selling mary kay, about a month into the pregnancy. So far it has been good and so far it has been horrible. ha! Starting a business is never easy, in any arena, but Mary Kay sure helps make the process as easy as possible. I am finding more and more excitement and push, each week, at least I am trying to and I am trying to just get the word out that I am even selling it. It is an amazing company and it is really an incredible opportunity for any woman who wants to start making some amazing changes in their life. I have already begun to see myself changing some habits and trying to push myself to better things and bigger goals. I would love to share with whoever is reading this, about it all and let you in on how you can benefit from it all too. I know, I know, a sales pitch, in the middle of my baby blog....but I have to. It is how I am going to get to stay at home!

Now for the BIG NEWS! We found out last monday, the 21st of February, that we are having a GIRL! I know! I think most of us thought we were having a boy, but God surprised us with a sweet girl! We are excited and are already having fun planning for our precious Ava Renee'. I love her name, I love that her room will be full of birdies and bright colors and that our house will soon be filled with more love than we can stand. :)

July 14th is coming so quickly, I can't believe it is March already! Time is flying! I am thankful for this journey God has put me on, the new role he is placing me in and the strength of his power and mercy that is keeping me and will keep me going through this new phase of life.

He truly is in control of even the littlest things, especially when we LET Him. Gosh, it is remembering to let him. allowing him to be in control of our lives. I am so so bad at that. This journey has been forcing me to give it up. I know I will get to July 14th(ish) and laugh at myself for ever being so anxious and worrisome. :)

I suppose that is all for now...
Any suggestions on where to register? I'm thinking Babies R Us and Target.... someone told me wal-mart was the best place they ever registered? really? I'm not a huge fan of wal-mart. help!