Tuesday, March 22, 2011

23 weeks...

we've made it past the half way mark by a few weeks...it is crazy to think about it really. Lauren and I went thrifting and to hobby lobby on saturday and found some great stuff for Ava's room! We are going to pick out paint, register and find a crib, hopefully soon. :) Time is running short, when I think about all that there is to do before she gets here...it is crazy!

I'm beginning to actually feel pregnant. My left foot keeps swelling up and I am having to force myself to slow down and rest. It is hard for me to do that...especially feeling lazy and unproductive, but I know I have to rest and keep off my feet more and more.

Really there is not much else to report. I go to see Dr. Chandler tomorrow, so hopefully I will have more to report, good news anyway. I'm sure she'll schedule the glucose test and another sonogram. So, hopefully I will be able to get through that...I've heard it is a monster of a test to get through.

Guess that is all for now...

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