Monday, April 25, 2011

28 weeks...

ok ok. I've slacked at the blog....I've slacked at a few things lately, I think mainly because I am so exhausted. Nick has been working a few evenings a week and so I feel like there are things here at the house that I need to get done while he is gone, since he is working so hard, but there have been a few evenings that I cannot seem to muster the energy to do any of it. Hoping tomorrow I will have some better "umph" to get the laundry finished, the kitchen cleaned up and some of Ava's stuff gone through and organized.
Mom and Sharon came over and painted Ava's room Saturday and just lack one coat of paint! So pretty!! I love it and I think the whole room is going to come together so well. :) We have a few big pieces to get put in and finished, but I think it will come together quickly, once we get those few things ready.
Nick and I have a lot to finish around the house before Ava comes...lots of cleaning out and de-cluttering.... as well as re-arranging our bedroom to accommodate months of late nights and a little one who will need to be fed often and so forth.
We're having a garage sale this weekend in Canyon. Stuff combined from nick and I plus my grandparents will be in it and that should help us get rid of more stuff. I hope to make a little bit off of the garage sale as well, to put towards some bills and stuff.

Ava likes to move a lot these days! It is getting harder to sit, stand, lie down, bathe, just about everything is getting to be a bit harder to do...and that is fine, just trying to adjust to it all.

Lauren took our pictures saturday evening and I can't wait to see them! I'm sure she did wonderfully and I think we will be so glad we got them done. Such sweet times to remember.

I think that's all for now. My brain is a bit fried. I'll try to scan and post the newest sonogram pictures soon, probably after the shower, because they have the book of prints! :)