Tuesday, May 31, 2011

so ready...

I still have a little over a month and a half before our due date...and I am already just a bit miserable! I have not had any problems until now...so now...swelling. terrible swelling. I'm praying for things to lighten up a bit. The swelling used to come and go, but now it is pretty constant. I know this comes with the whole package...but some relief would be good and we really can't afford for me to be on bed rest right now. Prayers appreciated. more later I'm sure

Thursday, May 26, 2011

7 weeks

I know, I've slacked. so we have hit the 7 week mark. Of course, this little girl might just want to come before the end of the 7 weeks...i think I will be ok with that. :) I am hitting the almost miserable stage right about now. we go to the doctor on june 1st. We will have another 2 week check up after that and then we'll go every week. Crazy to think how fast it has all flown by. I know the years will speed up even more now. There are some odds and ends things to get ready and to buy before she gets here. I'm trying to rest as much as possible now that I am in this last stage. I think she is growing an inch this week. literally, I read in an article that this week in the pregnancy she can grow up to an entire inch!!! no wonder I feel so incredibly tired and miserable today. Laying on my left side is what works best for me. I want to just lay there like that all the time, it is the most comfortable. Looks like I will have to find some way to get through work and everything for a few more weeks. lots of water.
I suppose that's all I've got today...
more later perhaps...


Monday, May 9, 2011

10 weeks to go...

I could say we have been going at this for 30 weeks, but saying we have 10 weeks to go is a lot more fun and exciting right?! :) We have been blessed and showered by so many gracious people over the last few months, especially this last weekend! What an amazing blessing to be in the middle of! I cannot imagine doing any of this without our families, closest friends and more than anything or anyone, Jesus. He has been guiding us and holding us up this whole time and I know he will continue to.
As things get closer, we get a little bit more tense about things. money, insurance, etc etc. I keep telling myself that somehow it all just irons out and that holding sweet Ava makes it all worth it and come together. At some point I will post pictures of the shower and more sono pics. Soon I'm sure we will be posting Ava pictures. unbelievable! I am doing her first few loads of laundry this evening, amongst dishes, picking up junk around the house and trying to nest her room a bit :)

Nick had worship practice tonight and then got called into his real job to "fix" the computer...hoping it is not too serious, but hopefully he can figure something out...

Lots to do and lots to soak up in the next 10 weeks. Life is about to change in every way.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

29 weeks

We're in the middle of the 29th week....it goes by fast. I know there are some weeks ahead of us that will not go by so quickly, but for now, things seem to be flying by.
There are lots of things to get finished. The main thing I have on my mind right now is the shower coming up this weekend. First of all, I have the sweetest friend God could have ever placed in my life. The best thing about this friend is that I didn't go out and find her, try hard to make her my friend or exhaust myself in keeping her my friend. I am just beyond blessed to have this woman of God who encourages me, sharpens me, keeps me accountable, loves me at my worst and understands my struggles and pushes me through them. I have gone through my life having lots of acquaintances, and sweet "friends", but I have yet to have a friend, until now, who serves me. A random coke dropped off at my work, a little baggie of goodies when I've had a bad day... the shower of the century she is planning, besides that, all the emails we share during the daily grind of the week and then great date nights with our amazingly Godly and wonderful hubbies. This season of my life, is so crazy busy, a bit stressful and so wonderful all at the same time, but without her here to talk with, complain to, have prayer from and just be the biggest encourager, I would be that girl on facebook complaining right and left, skipping out on things, whining about this and that, etc. Her noticing my attitude and diligent effort to keep my mind and heart positive throughout this entire experience has been such a blessing.
There have been amazing blessings come in and out of my life, there are women in my life that are still special to me and God continues to put new women in my life as well, but never before have I been as blessed and as encouraged by a "best" friend, than when I have with her. Thank you Lord. I'm blessed beyond measure. I pray I am as encouraging, as honest, inspiring and sweet as she is to me.

So with that said, I am so excited to be the honored guest at the baby shower this weekend. I am truly beside myself with how adorable I can only imagine it will be. :) so fun!

There is a room in our house that now has pink walls. All of them, Pink. :) I would never have thought that I would have pink walls on any room in my home, but they are precious and the entire room for Ava is coming along so well, thanks to my mother and my mother in law. Mom and Sharon painted and it already just looks so great! I can't wait to show pictures of our final product!

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k, that's all!