Monday, May 9, 2011

10 weeks to go...

I could say we have been going at this for 30 weeks, but saying we have 10 weeks to go is a lot more fun and exciting right?! :) We have been blessed and showered by so many gracious people over the last few months, especially this last weekend! What an amazing blessing to be in the middle of! I cannot imagine doing any of this without our families, closest friends and more than anything or anyone, Jesus. He has been guiding us and holding us up this whole time and I know he will continue to.
As things get closer, we get a little bit more tense about things. money, insurance, etc etc. I keep telling myself that somehow it all just irons out and that holding sweet Ava makes it all worth it and come together. At some point I will post pictures of the shower and more sono pics. Soon I'm sure we will be posting Ava pictures. unbelievable! I am doing her first few loads of laundry this evening, amongst dishes, picking up junk around the house and trying to nest her room a bit :)

Nick had worship practice tonight and then got called into his real job to "fix" the computer...hoping it is not too serious, but hopefully he can figure something out...

Lots to do and lots to soak up in the next 10 weeks. Life is about to change in every way.


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