Friday, June 3, 2011

bed rest day 2

well, we're on day 2 of bed rest. I guess things have gone well so far. I have a terrible cough with a lot of drainage. It is drying out my throat and making it real sore, so that is very frustrating. I'm praying that it is not a cold or anything too serious, that way I won't have to be on any medications. I am figuring out that I am quite swollen all over. I didn't realize it until I stopped and now I see I am swollen all over. I also didn't realize just how much pain I have been in until I stopped long enough to notice. So, overall I'm praying for some peace, healthy blood pressure, blood/urine tests, etc to be found out on monday. then for ava to be ok and keep growing.
suppose that is all for now...

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