Tuesday, June 7, 2011

bed rest day ??

haha. so I have been put on continued rest probably until Ava gets here. Parts of me, like my feet, legs, knees, abdomen, hands, fingers, head, and stamina are glad about it. My always active and going and doing something mind, heart and will are struggling. I get emotional being alone all day at home while Nick is out working his butt off for our well being. I get to where I want to do something around the house and I get part of it done and then get so tired, so I stop and rest for awhile. I know people are telling me to soak up the rest, the quiet, the being waited on hand and foot, etc. and I am in my own way, but I am desiring to be back to my "normal" self in many ways. I would love to lose all of the fluid retention, I desperately desire to meet my sweet baby, I am tired of pregnancy hormones, I want to be able to tie my shoes, ok WEAR my shoes. haha.
I am thankful for this time of being quiet, of being surrendered completely and still learning to be even more surrendered to Him. I am thankful for the rest. Don't get me wrong. I will desire rest again soon I know. I also know that being home with Ava I will have the opportunities some don't, to rest in the day with her, to soak up as much time with her as she grows and develops than some people because of the sacrifices we are about to make financially. Nick is so amazing to want this as well and work for it.
So this evening I am trying to do some small chores so that when people come visit, the house won't look too horrible. :) haha. I do have visitors coming tomorrow and thursday so that will be nice. Sweet friends and family.

I just can't thank nick enough for all he does, for all he is doing and what he is becoming for our family. I pray that I am becoming the wife, mother and woman that God wants me to be during this time of transition, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. I feel like we joined hands and jumped off the cliff into parenthood, stay at home mommy-hood, 2 jobs to provide-hood etc and nick's face is like WEEEEEE and mine is like HOLY CRAP!!! haha. :) He is so patient and quietly full faith and strength. I am weak and a cry baby! We fit well together, God knows that full well. :)

guess that is all for now.

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