Thursday, July 21, 2011

I confess...

I hate breastfeeding. there I said it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

well...that was weird!!

So, we did not make it to our due date of July 14...that is in 2 days...haha! Nick and I had Ava Renee' Weisgerber on June 9, 2011! That would be 5 weeks early! There were things going on, like high blood pressure and swelling that led to bed rest for me. About a week after being put on bed rest, we had her! The C-section went well and they even found out that Ava's cord was wrapped around her 3 times. PRAISE the LORD that he got me in to surgery in order to deliver her, because she could have died, with the cord wrapped so much. God is sovereign and so amazing!! We thank Him and praise Him for his hand on our daughter and on me through the whole surgery, recovery, and for Ava while she was in the NICU for 6 days. The whole time she was in the NICU we felt the Lord with us and knew he was with her. She grew, got rid of tubes each day and did so well! I could write and write about the whole experience, but I won't. It was a learning time, a time of true faith testing and trust. We also realized the amount of support, love and encouragement that was surrounding us the whole time. WOW! God is so amazing to provide such sweet and thoughtful people in our life.

So, life since June 9th. I have been at home with Ava and will continue to be a stay at home mom. I am thrilled and so blessed to be able to do this! Wow! Nick is one amazing husband, dad, provider, worker, etc. He works so much for us to be able to do this, but still manages to make time to help out, love on our sweet Ava and myself, and serve. Such an amazing man and we are so thankful for him!

Here are some pictures of our journey so far!
That is nick getting ready...
off to surgery...

nick showing her off...on the phone of course...Ava went straight to the NICU
things went great! :) he looks a little tired haha (not as tired as i was)

recovery...feeling yuck still, but on the mend....can't wait to meet Ava (saw her for a second, but then didn't see her again for 1.5 days)
feeling like crap still...hahaha
Miss Ava Renee' - all grubby from birth, but doing fairly well at this point.

day after her birth, she was on a C-pap machine for her breathing. it regulated it for her and the next day she got to take it off.
nick and his sweet girl before bath in the NICU. She weighed in around 6 lb 6 oz then. We were happy to get to "hang out" with her for awhile.
mommy got to hold Ava :) (this was a day after we got discharged, I had held her a couple times before now, but this was a good few minutes of snuggling) and make up makes a girl feel amazing sometimes
going home! :)
one of my favorites now that we are home together... :) squooshy face haha!

Again, thanks for all of your prayers, support, love and care. We are thankful and just want to let you all know that! I will try to keep this updated for everyone! Lots of stuff to write, but I better get back to other things.
Shaina, Nick and Ava