Monday, August 1, 2011


So my mother has been an amazing helper the last few weeks. She has been off of work for the summer and I am so thankful she has been able to come and help me get my house in order now that I am a stay at home mommy. :)

We decided to do some decorative stuff to the walls, windows, put the mantle up, mom made decorative pillows, we organized closets, the kitchen, hung up things around the house, etc. etc.

Here is one of my favorite things we have done.

The empty frames that are hung diagonally will have family pictures in them soon. :)
Here is part of the process...starting with a blank wall. the blankness has been there since the day we moved in...finally corrected! :)
mom stenciling the background....
finished stencil background...
i took a cheap frame and painted it like the w's I painted. easy!

Overall the project cost around 30 dollars. I did not get any close up pictures of the "bookshelf". There are some easy DYI tutorials online for making them though!
Thanks to mom for her help and craftiness! and pintrest for so much inspiration!


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