Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Fall...

Can it come soon enough?! NO I don't think it can come soon enough. I am so so tired of this heat! With that being said, not only am I ready for cooler weather, but I am ready for all that is going on this fall! Here is my list of fall things that I am excited about!

Anything below 100 for the high
soups, stews, anything crock pot cooking can make
trip to the mountains
fires in the fireplace
art lessons (The gallery is starting to offer art lessons for kids) yay!!
painting in my garage studio
snuggling without sweating...hahahahha

Here are some of our family pictures Lauren Paris took! She is amazing! We love her for many reasons, this is just a perk!

So many amazing pictures! So little frames! :)

A small sidenote:
The G@llery- Fine Art & Design is going to be offering ART lessons for kids this fall! We will introduce young adult/adult lessons after we see how the kid lessons turn out! We are excited to offer this and will be getting details out soon!

Aunt Staci comes home today! We are all excited and since it is mom's first day back at work, Nick's work has been crazy today and Dad is soo wishing he was retired today, we are all in need of some EXCITEMENT! :) yay sissy!


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