Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Love My Life!!!

Stay-at-home mommyhood is the BEST!!! :) I know there are some mothers out there that would argue with me and some who might chime in right along with me. I am just in the middle of the best time of my life and I get to share it with an amazingly supportive, handsome, silly, loving, patient and hard working husband! AND a beautiful, silly, fun, snuggly daughter! SO blessed!

Today, my mother took a vacation day and just came over and played, like we did all summer after Ava was born. Today I got lots cleaned, in getting ready for my father in law and step mother in law to come in to town tomorrow. Then we baked! We baked and baked all sorts of yummy things for our Kairos bake sale going on this weekend. It was great to just hang out with mom and with ava all day and have fun!

Then, this evening, Nick, myself and Ava loaded up the stroller with a blanket and a bag of supper and walked to the park from our house and then we ate at the park and laid there for a bit just enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather!!! Then we walked the neighborhood at the pretty houses (dreaming a bit) and then walked all the way back home. :) yay!

Life is about to change around here, as we get rid of our satellite, internet will be gone for about a month as we switch service, etc So tonight was practice for the evenings with barely any "entertainment" in the house. We are glad to be giving up some not so needed luxuries in our home in order to get debt paid off and be free from the master of the lender. I've talked about our new dave ramsey plan we are on and it is encouraging. I know within a few years we will be SO glad we did this!

I've noticed a TON of people being whiners on facebook lately. Whether it is the new layout, a headache, their job, their spouse, blah blah. I think we have all had our fair share of complaining on facebook or whatever but really people....get a grip and look at all you have to be thankful for in your life. I think that the least of our worries should be the facebook layout when there are thousands of people finding out they lost a loved one, have cancer, lost their job, won't have food to feed their children, etc etc. I feel convicted of my own selfishness, but am also annoyed and somewhat disgusted by all the negativity and complaining I see on there. Wow!! (that is my rant for the day) Thank you. I feel as though a blog is a place where we can share that, complain, and express opinion and people choose to read it...on facebook it is just there in the open and it seems like it is ALL the time.

Ok, really, that is all. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Money Makeover Madness

So, Nick and I have started Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover Book and work book. So far it has been very eye opening and heart stretching for us both. There are a LOT of changes taking place in our household and I am ready for them and yet at the same time, my heart and mind take time to adjust to such drastic measures. Prayers are appreciated as we go through this massive undertaking. We know we are not alone and that God has asked us to do this and he will be faithful to us through it. I know that in the next few years we will be able to start being out from under the master of debt and we will not be slave to it. God desires his people to not live in debt and to be free from that idol. We want that for our family and desire to be able to be financially sound without borrowing. There is excitement and a slight discouragement as we adjust but it is going to be worth it! I know it will. :)

In Him,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Simple Saturday

Ava slept until 9. Of course we all got to bed after midnight, but still. WE SLEPT IN! hehehehehe. Nick is watching a movie and snuggling with his baby girl, I am procrastinating on finishing the budget, paying some bills, making a grocery list, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, finishing the laundry and making the bed....surely I can get to those things later. Right?

So last night, Dad and I went to Canyon's homecoming game. Most of it anyway. I've figured out that getting to anything on time now, is nearly impossible. So, either way, we got there and my sweet Morgan Dean got homecoming queen! Now that takes me back. They were "my" babysitting family. I got to watch Morgan and Weston for a few summers and I loved it. It was an awesome way to learn lots of things, hang out with two great kids and make a little spending money for the summer. They were and still are great "kids"....not really kids anymore. Just crazy how time has flown by! Congrats to Morgan!!! YAY! So proud! On top of hugging her neck I ran into an old high school classmate. It was amazing to see how far she had gone out of town only to make it right back to amarillo. :) Funny how people want to get as far away from here as possible and somehow they realize it is not so bad after all....that all led me to think about the fact that our class didn't have a 5 yr reunion or if we did I wasn't invited to it. hahaha. Either way I have a feeling that the 10 yr is going to sneak up on me and since I still have the bank account statements, I'm going to have to help. Perhaps not? We've got a few years still....I'll cross my fingers.

So, I suppose I should really get off of here and get going on my saturday to do list. This afternoon evening will consist of the park, then breakfast for dinner and a movie. Snuggly saturday nights are my favorite. I am just so thankful for the opportunity to stay at home with my baby and then have our hubby/daddy home in the evenings and on the weekends. It is the life!! :)

We have started Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover book. So far so good and I know we are about to hit a season in our marriage and home life that will be more different and possibly difficult than ever, but I can't wait until years down the road we look at our accomplishments and say WE'RE DEBT FREE! (not that there is a lot, but enough that we want to get rid of it all and celebrate that) :) So, if you see us, encourage us to keep up the work...because it is work. I might even go back to United a few evenings a week to jump start our debt paying and I suppose I could use some away time here and there as well.
Ok, that's all I've got.
Enjoy your Saturday, whatever you find to do, soak it up. Savor today. Love today. Love on your babies, your spouse, your friends and family. Be thankful and gracious for all the blessings in your life, even the ones that don't seem like blessings.

In Him,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Restless Heart

So many people in my life are struggling and going through trials they never thought they would ever have to face. Breast Cancer, brain aneurysms, divorce, rotten relationships, pain-physical and emotional, stress, financial stress, confusion and sadness. I am reminded this evening of the scripture in Exodus 14:14
"The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still."
There are so many things that I wish I could fix, make right, heal, etc and the Lord is telling me that my heart being bowed down, in total surrender to Him in the place of these hurting parents, confused children, sick family members, stressed out friends, etc is right where He wants me. I am best used on my knees, pleading for them. Sometimes it feels like there is nothing we can do for people, BUT pray. Really? BUT pray? I truly pray that my heart turns from thinking the only thing I can do is pray and it change to the first and best thing I can do is pray.
So Lord, we ask for your healing hand, by the power of Jesus Christ's blood that was shed, be over these hurting ones. I pray for William tonight...I pray that in your name, the 2 aneurysms disappear. I ask that in your name and by the power of your blood, they are gone, no traces of them or symptoms of them being there. We ask that of you in total faith, trusting that you know best. We know you are using this for good, you are covering Roland, Jenny and all 4 boys with your peace, your grace and your strength. We thank you, praise you and honor you for being constant, sustaining and powerful. I thank you for loving them and pouring over them, your Spirit. We plead with you for health and wholeness for William.
God I praise you for Nick's Mamaw and her successful surgery today, to remove breast cancer spot. Lord we praise you for your covering and ask for complete recovery and healing. She is a pillar for you in her family and we thank you that she is so faithful to you and to the ministry of her family. Thank you for your testimony of love.
Father I lift up the families hurting by drought, fires, and the destruction it has caused. You can and will rebuild. Give your children hope and peace as you guide them through the the process of trusting you and rebuilding their lives, both here in Texas as far away as Africa. Lord, rescue and save the weary.
I ask for true leaders to stand up and lead our country and our state. I am burdened in many ways that there is such a loss of truth, pride and faith in all facets of government now. Lord make yourself known, but help us that know you and love you to stand up for you more and more.
I trust you with all the things on my heart and mind this evening and know that you ARE in CONTROL. Daddy always says, God IS and all is WELL. So, I trust you Lord, I lay them all in your hands and rest in you. In your name, by your blood and for your glory,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bran Bread and Snuggles

Tuesday is a good day at the Weisgerber house. Ava and I are home all day and we get caught up on snuggling, naps, staying in our jammies, watching food network (not much longer, details later), a few chores here and there and then an evening at home with our hubby/daddy. We like Tuesdays a lot! Today we are making 7 Grain bread, zucchini bread, doing laundry, snuggling, napping and enjoying the clouds.
My sweet Mimi taught me to cook. I remember always being in the kitchen with her and helping her make dough, learning to knead dough, making meatloaf with our hands, frying chicken in a cast iron skillet, oh and cornbread from scratch, mickey mouse pancakes and that half a grapefruit she always had for breakfast on the weekends we would spend the night. She knew how to cut out the fruit pieces perfectly. I want to introduce Ava to all those fun things and joys of the kitchen that I am remembering and falling in love with all over again. Now that I am home with Ava, I have found this new love for home making that I have never really had before or maybe I've just suppressed it for a long time. Either way, I am loving the desire to get back into the kitchen and pull out the old recipe books. Instead of a pancake mix, why not make a pancake batter? Instead of buying pre-made dinners and heating them up, why not make a meatloaf from scratch? Instead of throwing out old bananas or zucchini, make bread! I guess my point is that lately I have needed to be frugal and creative, yet we are enjoying the tastes and flavors of farmer's market produce, fresh breads, home cooked meals and I love making my kitchen feel like my mimi's. used. :)

My Mimi gave me her cookbooks when the downsized living spaces and I love them so much. Simple recipes, from a simple time in history. She has two boxes of recipes that are mine when she is done with them. Someday, hopefully not soon, Lord willing, they will find their new home in my kitchen, but I think they'll feel right at home. Out of mimi's daughters, and 4 grandchildren, (yes 2 are boys), I got that cooking gene and I'm forever thankful!

So, today is baking day. Ava sleeps in her little lamb chair right by the kitchen door, I bake, work on laundry, listen to pandora and enjoy the easy going day...soaking up this time and savoring it for all it's worth. Ava doesn't realize it, but someday she'll get to help mommy cook like her mommy helped Great Mimi a long time ago. Is this what is was like for Mary to "ponder these things in her heart"? Perhaps... either way, this is what it means, in our life, to really live. The hustle and bustle happens regularly, hard to get away from it, but most of the time, we strive to live simply, richly and thankfully. I pray Ava grows up knowing that "the stuff" of the world is just that, "stuff" and that this home has been built upon generations of the same people, living simply, richly and thankfully...with Lots and Lots of love!

In Him,

I'll leave you with a recent picture as well: