Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Love My Life!!!

Stay-at-home mommyhood is the BEST!!! :) I know there are some mothers out there that would argue with me and some who might chime in right along with me. I am just in the middle of the best time of my life and I get to share it with an amazingly supportive, handsome, silly, loving, patient and hard working husband! AND a beautiful, silly, fun, snuggly daughter! SO blessed!

Today, my mother took a vacation day and just came over and played, like we did all summer after Ava was born. Today I got lots cleaned, in getting ready for my father in law and step mother in law to come in to town tomorrow. Then we baked! We baked and baked all sorts of yummy things for our Kairos bake sale going on this weekend. It was great to just hang out with mom and with ava all day and have fun!

Then, this evening, Nick, myself and Ava loaded up the stroller with a blanket and a bag of supper and walked to the park from our house and then we ate at the park and laid there for a bit just enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather!!! Then we walked the neighborhood at the pretty houses (dreaming a bit) and then walked all the way back home. :) yay!

Life is about to change around here, as we get rid of our satellite, internet will be gone for about a month as we switch service, etc So tonight was practice for the evenings with barely any "entertainment" in the house. We are glad to be giving up some not so needed luxuries in our home in order to get debt paid off and be free from the master of the lender. I've talked about our new dave ramsey plan we are on and it is encouraging. I know within a few years we will be SO glad we did this!

I've noticed a TON of people being whiners on facebook lately. Whether it is the new layout, a headache, their job, their spouse, blah blah. I think we have all had our fair share of complaining on facebook or whatever but really people....get a grip and look at all you have to be thankful for in your life. I think that the least of our worries should be the facebook layout when there are thousands of people finding out they lost a loved one, have cancer, lost their job, won't have food to feed their children, etc etc. I feel convicted of my own selfishness, but am also annoyed and somewhat disgusted by all the negativity and complaining I see on there. Wow!! (that is my rant for the day) Thank you. I feel as though a blog is a place where we can share that, complain, and express opinion and people choose to read it...on facebook it is just there in the open and it seems like it is ALL the time.

Ok, really, that is all. :)

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