Sunday, September 18, 2011

Money Makeover Madness

So, Nick and I have started Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover Book and work book. So far it has been very eye opening and heart stretching for us both. There are a LOT of changes taking place in our household and I am ready for them and yet at the same time, my heart and mind take time to adjust to such drastic measures. Prayers are appreciated as we go through this massive undertaking. We know we are not alone and that God has asked us to do this and he will be faithful to us through it. I know that in the next few years we will be able to start being out from under the master of debt and we will not be slave to it. God desires his people to not live in debt and to be free from that idol. We want that for our family and desire to be able to be financially sound without borrowing. There is excitement and a slight discouragement as we adjust but it is going to be worth it! I know it will. :)

In Him,

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