Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Restless Heart

So many people in my life are struggling and going through trials they never thought they would ever have to face. Breast Cancer, brain aneurysms, divorce, rotten relationships, pain-physical and emotional, stress, financial stress, confusion and sadness. I am reminded this evening of the scripture in Exodus 14:14
"The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still."
There are so many things that I wish I could fix, make right, heal, etc and the Lord is telling me that my heart being bowed down, in total surrender to Him in the place of these hurting parents, confused children, sick family members, stressed out friends, etc is right where He wants me. I am best used on my knees, pleading for them. Sometimes it feels like there is nothing we can do for people, BUT pray. Really? BUT pray? I truly pray that my heart turns from thinking the only thing I can do is pray and it change to the first and best thing I can do is pray.
So Lord, we ask for your healing hand, by the power of Jesus Christ's blood that was shed, be over these hurting ones. I pray for William tonight...I pray that in your name, the 2 aneurysms disappear. I ask that in your name and by the power of your blood, they are gone, no traces of them or symptoms of them being there. We ask that of you in total faith, trusting that you know best. We know you are using this for good, you are covering Roland, Jenny and all 4 boys with your peace, your grace and your strength. We thank you, praise you and honor you for being constant, sustaining and powerful. I thank you for loving them and pouring over them, your Spirit. We plead with you for health and wholeness for William.
God I praise you for Nick's Mamaw and her successful surgery today, to remove breast cancer spot. Lord we praise you for your covering and ask for complete recovery and healing. She is a pillar for you in her family and we thank you that she is so faithful to you and to the ministry of her family. Thank you for your testimony of love.
Father I lift up the families hurting by drought, fires, and the destruction it has caused. You can and will rebuild. Give your children hope and peace as you guide them through the the process of trusting you and rebuilding their lives, both here in Texas as far away as Africa. Lord, rescue and save the weary.
I ask for true leaders to stand up and lead our country and our state. I am burdened in many ways that there is such a loss of truth, pride and faith in all facets of government now. Lord make yourself known, but help us that know you and love you to stand up for you more and more.
I trust you with all the things on my heart and mind this evening and know that you ARE in CONTROL. Daddy always says, God IS and all is WELL. So, I trust you Lord, I lay them all in your hands and rest in you. In your name, by your blood and for your glory,


amy wright said...

I so needed to hear that verse today. We are in the middle of adopting and the waiting is torture. I feel like we need to be doing stuff to make it all happen in our timing, but since I can't do anything, I just worry. But God will fight for us-for her-and I just need to be still.


The Weisgerbers said...

amy! I am glad someone reads my blog still...I just write it like a journal really, for myself, but I'm glad it is read by someone and by someone so wonderful. :) I am just thrillllllled for y'all and your new little one coming!! Keep waiting! Keep trusting! Can't wait to see pictures of her!! much love!