Saturday, September 17, 2011

Simple Saturday

Ava slept until 9. Of course we all got to bed after midnight, but still. WE SLEPT IN! hehehehehe. Nick is watching a movie and snuggling with his baby girl, I am procrastinating on finishing the budget, paying some bills, making a grocery list, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, finishing the laundry and making the bed....surely I can get to those things later. Right?

So last night, Dad and I went to Canyon's homecoming game. Most of it anyway. I've figured out that getting to anything on time now, is nearly impossible. So, either way, we got there and my sweet Morgan Dean got homecoming queen! Now that takes me back. They were "my" babysitting family. I got to watch Morgan and Weston for a few summers and I loved it. It was an awesome way to learn lots of things, hang out with two great kids and make a little spending money for the summer. They were and still are great "kids"....not really kids anymore. Just crazy how time has flown by! Congrats to Morgan!!! YAY! So proud! On top of hugging her neck I ran into an old high school classmate. It was amazing to see how far she had gone out of town only to make it right back to amarillo. :) Funny how people want to get as far away from here as possible and somehow they realize it is not so bad after all....that all led me to think about the fact that our class didn't have a 5 yr reunion or if we did I wasn't invited to it. hahaha. Either way I have a feeling that the 10 yr is going to sneak up on me and since I still have the bank account statements, I'm going to have to help. Perhaps not? We've got a few years still....I'll cross my fingers.

So, I suppose I should really get off of here and get going on my saturday to do list. This afternoon evening will consist of the park, then breakfast for dinner and a movie. Snuggly saturday nights are my favorite. I am just so thankful for the opportunity to stay at home with my baby and then have our hubby/daddy home in the evenings and on the weekends. It is the life!! :)

We have started Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover book. So far so good and I know we are about to hit a season in our marriage and home life that will be more different and possibly difficult than ever, but I can't wait until years down the road we look at our accomplishments and say WE'RE DEBT FREE! (not that there is a lot, but enough that we want to get rid of it all and celebrate that) :) So, if you see us, encourage us to keep up the work...because it is work. I might even go back to United a few evenings a week to jump start our debt paying and I suppose I could use some away time here and there as well.
Ok, that's all I've got.
Enjoy your Saturday, whatever you find to do, soak it up. Savor today. Love today. Love on your babies, your spouse, your friends and family. Be thankful and gracious for all the blessings in your life, even the ones that don't seem like blessings.

In Him,

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