Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Snow Cinnamon Rolls

Yes, it has been this way my whole life. The first snow of the season comes with one thing. Cinnamon rolls. Mom always made them on the first snow. Always. It was as if she was going to get in trouble for not making them. Which she might have gotten in trouble from Mimi because Mimi taught mom to make them on the first snow. AND before Mimi, Meemaw taught Mimi how to make them for the first snow. Meemaw was Pawpaw's mother (my Mimi's mother in law). She made the recipe and it, to this day, is the best cinnamon roll recipe ever. Ever. I will not make another one. This is it.

So, today it snowed. A lot, especially for October! So, Ava and I made cinnamon rolls. Well, she slept most of the process, but every first snow, she will know that we are making cinnamon rolls. I hope someday, she'll keep it going. 5 generations of cinnamon roll making. So sweet in so many ways.

blessings and stay warm!

Monday, October 24, 2011

someday it will stick

It seems that I always get these great ideas, goals and "this week it is going to happen" motivations on Sunday nights. For some reason I think that I can solve the world's problems, lose 20 lbs, clean my house til it reeks of perfection, be cute, act sweet, have all the creativity in the world, blah blah...for some reason I just get so motivated in my head on sunday nights and then Monday morning comes....
Monday morning comes and all I can think about is getting my Dr.Pepper on the way to Canyon to do chores and mimi and pop's, in which I forgot to do their laundry this weekend, so I had to quickly go throw it in the wash first thing this morning, I have no desire to be "cute", put on makeup or do my I just throw on a hat and figure since it is just mimi and pop's house I can get away with looking and feeling grubby. I still have in the back of my mind, "you should drink lots of water today, eat less, go for a walk, make the bed, pick up the junk around the house, do the budget, wash the dishes, etc etc.
I wonder how to funnel all of my thoughts into habits, into disciplines, instead of really lofty thoughts and ideas that haunt me all week....
When do little things like taking vitamins, drinking water, exercising and daily chores become second nature, or will they always be hard? I can visualize myself being healthy, trendy, creative, active, etc etc, but monday morning always shows up. It dampens my Sunday night dreams and thwarts all of my "grand plans for success" that I have mustered up in my head.
Somehow, someday, I will figure out how to wake up on monday morning, just as excited about my goals and dreams as I was on Sunday night.
Please Lord, help me on this! I need my Monday-Saturdays to be as determined as my sundays....

blessings y'all,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October has almost passed us by...

Woah! October is half way over. I am just now getting to a new blog and we have had such an eventful month! October started off by serving on the Kairos Prison Ministry weekend #27. It was an amazing weekend. Ava did great staying out at De Falco Retreat Center with us! We brought her pack and play and she just slept great, was a doll the whole time and got to enjoy some wonderful time with her Kairos Family and her first experience in ministry. I am thankful that our daughter is getting her first taste of ministry before she can even sit up on her own. :) God is good to us. PICTURES look at some of the pictures I took. I am so thankful that my little family is so focused on the Lord and serving him. We don't always do it right, we surely struggle at trusting him fully, but we are trying our best to raise Ava in a home and environment of service, of love and of grace. I am so thankful that Nick and I are on the same page as parents and that our hearts are one in this goal.
We have also been continuing to go through Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. It has been really good for us and has focused our efforts to finish paying off debt, school loans, etc. and educate us on investing for our future, and preparing for our next home, etc. I suggest ALL newlyweds read it and get organized financially before diving into marriage. I also suggest that ALL couples in general read it. It is so good. It is easy to understand and it works. One of the reasons that I think this book is so successful and is getting Nick and I so excited about paying off our debts, is for one, we both believe that being in debt is many ways sinful. Proverbs 22:7
Nick and I have been convicted of this and desire to not live in idolatry to debt and what it brings. We have the "typcial" debt. School loans, 1 credit card and our car payment along with our mortgage. Mortgages are very typical debt and 1 that seems to always be a part of our lives, but the other debts we have are needing to go and not continue to hold us down any longer. God is so good to have Nick and I on the same page on this as well. Not to say that it has been an easy ride so far, but we have grown closer in our marriage, our finances (especially being a 1 income household) are tight but work and we are finding ways to start snowballing the debt we have. So glad to have a husband who does not want to spend money we don't have on things we don't need. I have to say that finding frugal ways to celebrate, decorate and gift give are actually fun and have been a great creative outlet for me.
Ava has been doing lots of new things, lots of slobbering, chewing on things, growing into new clothes, had her 4 month check up and shots and had a clear UA test at the urologist last week. Praise God! We are thankful for no UTI's since that first one and we are still giving her the antibiotics every night. They are keeping her infection free without making her dependent. She gave us a little scare last night with a bout of high fever, but is doing better today. Thank the Lord! I am so thankful for his provision and for me being able to stay at home and be with her every day. I don't have to worry about missing work, etc etc. I can just be here for her. She is getting so much more animated and laughs more. We are working on sitting up on our own and rolling over...she sure hates tummy time, but she tolerates it here and there, long enough to work on getting her head up, etc.
Lauren took her pictures a few weekends ago and they are precious! Check out my facebook page to see them!
This weekend Lauren and I are going to have some craft time. I'm excited to get some of the gifts on my list made and spend time with my sweet friend. God is too good to me when it comes to her and her husband. We are edified, prayed for, encouraged by them and we laugh a ton and enjoy each other so much. Nick and I are so blessed to have them in our life and we are anxious to see where God takes them and what He does in their life in the next year. So much going on there! :) wow!
Ava is still napping, cookies are out of the oven (don't substitute margarine for shortening) blah!! Suppose I should get mimi and pop's laundry done and a little bit of our own laundry while I'm at it. Snuggly evening at home tonight, once nick gets home. Mac and Cheese, baked potatoes and veggies. I love home.


Guess that is all for now. Blessings.