Monday, October 24, 2011

someday it will stick

It seems that I always get these great ideas, goals and "this week it is going to happen" motivations on Sunday nights. For some reason I think that I can solve the world's problems, lose 20 lbs, clean my house til it reeks of perfection, be cute, act sweet, have all the creativity in the world, blah blah...for some reason I just get so motivated in my head on sunday nights and then Monday morning comes....
Monday morning comes and all I can think about is getting my Dr.Pepper on the way to Canyon to do chores and mimi and pop's, in which I forgot to do their laundry this weekend, so I had to quickly go throw it in the wash first thing this morning, I have no desire to be "cute", put on makeup or do my I just throw on a hat and figure since it is just mimi and pop's house I can get away with looking and feeling grubby. I still have in the back of my mind, "you should drink lots of water today, eat less, go for a walk, make the bed, pick up the junk around the house, do the budget, wash the dishes, etc etc.
I wonder how to funnel all of my thoughts into habits, into disciplines, instead of really lofty thoughts and ideas that haunt me all week....
When do little things like taking vitamins, drinking water, exercising and daily chores become second nature, or will they always be hard? I can visualize myself being healthy, trendy, creative, active, etc etc, but monday morning always shows up. It dampens my Sunday night dreams and thwarts all of my "grand plans for success" that I have mustered up in my head.
Somehow, someday, I will figure out how to wake up on monday morning, just as excited about my goals and dreams as I was on Sunday night.
Please Lord, help me on this! I need my Monday-Saturdays to be as determined as my sundays....

blessings y'all,

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