Monday, December 19, 2011

let it snow

I am enjoying the snow, as I sit here in the cozy house...thinking about how I have to get out and go work for a few hours in a little bit. But, once I get home tonight, I will be inside until wednesday. A whole day to be inside, finish some things for this weekend, baking and projects, get some cleaning done and of course snuggling. The only thing that would make tomorrow better is if we get so much snow that Nick gets to stay home too! :) hehe I'm sure it will just snow a regular amount, nothing too bad. But, at the rate it is coming down now, who knows! Guess we will see! 

So many things have been going thruogh my mind lately, like what gifts I have forgotten, what else I need to make for snack a thons and family gatherings, and all the stuff I have to get done for my friend's wedding next week. whew! The MAIN thing that has been taking up residence in my mind is the fact that I am soooo ready to start a fresh year! Here is my list of my 2012 goals and project ideas! Enjoy?!

Kitchen update!! 
        Paint, new backsplash, paint all hinges and handles, new flooring and shelving.
Utility area update!
         new shelf, artwork, lighting, soap dispenser, and organization. 
Living room!
         keep furniture arrangement, but update decor, get rid of old pieces I don't like, simplify.
         Finish headboard and footboard, find different chest of drawers, clean out closet, buy new sheets                    and possibly a new comforter
Ava's room! 
         Rearrange her furniture, clean out closet, create a play area for her in her room.
Plant a garden! A small vegetable garden in our back yard! We'll see how it goes! 
Put up a clothesline in the backyard as well, to reduce our dryer use in the summer! 

And here is the kicker!!! My huge goal for our house/family, etc is to build a room in our garage as an office/music room!!! I am really hoping that we will be able to tear down some old shelves in the garage and use that area to build a room! Our garage is quite spacious and I think this will be a great addition to the house and the garage. It will open up space for us in the kitchen, to get rid of our "office" in there and we will be able to put nick's drums, the office desk, guitars, amp, art stuff, etc!!
I will want to do a picture diary of it all so stay tuned! 

That is a list of remodels, repairs and updates! My goals for this year are as follows! 
Continue on my health journey! (lost 4 lbs so far)
        Eating within my calories per day, working out every week day

Create and put in place a weekly cleaning schedule for the house so each day I have a few things, not one day a week trying to catch up on everything. Also a monthly schedule of big cleaning projects to keep the house updated and kept. (carpets, curtains, etc)

This whole post is a compilation of very earthly and personally driven almost selfish goals/projects, but I feel that they will improve our home and our family's lifestyle. My spiritual and inward goals will take up whole other post entirely. :) 

much love,