Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So many choices...

Well, here I am, so many things being thrown at me yet again, to put my heart, time and creativity into. I'm a bit overwhelmed at the thought of them all. I have desires to minister, work for my family, and then this other things has been thrown at me again. I've been a mary kay rep since 2010. December of 2010. I have been selling, but not doing parties or anything since around May of last year when I was put on bed rest. I feel like people think Mary Kay ladies are the most annoying people on the planet and I don't like to be considered one of them, but I love the product and like to be able to provide it for people. Such a dilemma because I don't particularly like parties and facials, but I love clean, healthy skin and I love simple, good quality make up. SO, here is my decision.
If you love good product, like Mary Kay and want to buy it without being haggled for a party or free facial, CALL ME, email me, facebook me etc. I can accommodate you and not bother you. haha! I really need to see if people are interested in this. Thanks :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Look

I have been trying to put up a new post for a few weeks now. For some reason I was having technical difficulties with this certain blog site, a 7 month old was calling for me and the house needed MUCH attention post holiday. Really though, it feels good to sit here and reflect a bit. So much to catch up on, this might be a long one...

So, let's start with before Christmas. I am a good planner, in theory, but sometimes, well, most of the time I have a hard time following through. That goes for most things in my life. Sad to say, but it's true. I have lots of grand ideas for organizing, planning, gifting, cleaning, blah blah. I get my favorite notepad, make a list and then it gets laid to rest somewhere under a pile. Poor list. It feels so needed and useful and then I toss it away. See, I had this grand plan to get Christmas gifts all done, wrapped beautifully and that each gift would be something fun, realistic and a lot of them, hand made. I made a list of all the people we "drew names" for and all the other family members and friends I wanted to share with. Then I found some great Pinterest ideas, made a list of supplies and got so excited! That is where it ended though. I sat it aside, first of October and then didn't really look at it until Thanksgiving. EEK! No time, or money saved to get this done! RR! So frustrating. So, this Christmas was a hodge podge of various gifts, gift cards, blah blah. I felt real bad inside, but I also knew that the gifts, handmade or not, DID have thought and care in them and as a one income household, budget was going to be an obvious obstacle and so they weren't the most expensive either. None the less, Christmas isn't about the gifts right? It's about THE gift? cheesy? ya. I felt rushed the whole season. We were gone from church 2 weeks out of the month of December, there were no homegroup gatherings all month, I was working a few nights a week, between all the parties, events and nights of trying to "get it together". ha! It was a big blur!!! My prayer and goal for Christmas 2012, is to 1. be prepared, 2. budget all year for it, 3. BE THOUGHTFUL AND MINDFUL OF THE SAVIOR THROUGH IT ALL. The new year could not come soon enough, December 31 was this beacon of light and hope that I was longing for!

So, New Year's Eve comes along and I tried to get a blog annual blog. My resolutions, goals and reflections blog. Well, my blog site was being a pain and there was no way to update or blog at all. It was a sad day. Seemed like the whole holiday season, even this ray of light was now dimmed. haha. Nick played drums that weekend at church and so after church on New Year's Eve, we went to dinner together, (giftcards ARE a good gift for the W's) just sayin. I had a 100 calorie margarita (whole other blog) and we  just had a great time to visit and enjoy each other, along with our sweetheart of a baby, Ava! She did so good! (again, another blog in itself). So, we went home after dinner, and get this!!! My best friend and her husband come over, and she helps me take down and pack away all of my Christmas decor!!! No kidding. It was a pleasant and much appreciated surprise because it had been looming over me since the day after Christmas, but with my other sweet sweet friend's wedding, there was no time! SO, just that simple act of getting the decorations put away, made my whole demeanor and attitude towards 2012 that much better!!!! We rang in the new year with our favorite couple and it could not have been more simple or more enjoyable. Thank you Lord.

New Year's Day was a wonderfully, simple day at home getting my house put back together and cleaning out decor I didn't want anymore, etc.

Since the weeks after Christmas were busy, my new year's blog got put off because of technical problems...I'm going to take a shot at it. (by this time, if you are still reading you are crazy, bored, or oddly enough, truly interested in me and my rambling, go figure!) hahaha!

So long 2011!
I loved you because:
I experienced pregnancy
I was showered over and over with blessings, baby gifts and love from so many
Nick and I were able to serve on 2 kairos weekends (both with Ava- one in utero and one along with us in person) :) hehe
WE HAD AVA!! She is the light of our life and makes us better people. She is a precious gift and we love her beyond measure!
I began a new career as a stay at home mother and home maker. I LOVE IT! I AM SO BLESSED!
Nick got a nice raise and I took up 2 small jobs on the side to help sustain our needs.
My sweet friend Gina got married!
So many blessings, adventures and good things happened in 2011! It was truly an awesome year!

Hello 2012!!
I will enjoy you because:
I have a sweet baby girl here to share each day with and teach new things to!
I love my home, keeping my home and making it a better place every day.
Nick has a job that provides for us and for that we are thankful!
My best friend and her husband will be moving. (yes I will be thankful, positive and supportive, not whiney and sad) :)
My sister has lots of new things that might take place and I am excited to see what God does in her life this year!
We are taking a little vacay up to the mountains for a week. :)
Nick turns 30! party!
Ava turns 1! party!
I turn 27. whatever. hahaha
WE WILL CELEBRATE 5 YEARS of marriage! :) party!
Our church has many things to look forward to as well and we are excited to be a part of a body that is so in tune with Christ, his love and sharing that love with those who feel abandoned.
Getting healthy. see how it is way down here on the list? that's another blog. I'll get it up sometime soon.
I will cook more, bake more and be creative more!
Will be thankful, simply thankful for ALL God is doing, has done and will do! He is GOOD!

Thanks for reading. :)
more to come!