Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So many choices...

Well, here I am, so many things being thrown at me yet again, to put my heart, time and creativity into. I'm a bit overwhelmed at the thought of them all. I have desires to minister, work for my family, and then this other things has been thrown at me again. I've been a mary kay rep since 2010. December of 2010. I have been selling, but not doing parties or anything since around May of last year when I was put on bed rest. I feel like people think Mary Kay ladies are the most annoying people on the planet and I don't like to be considered one of them, but I love the product and like to be able to provide it for people. Such a dilemma because I don't particularly like parties and facials, but I love clean, healthy skin and I love simple, good quality make up. SO, here is my decision.
If you love good product, like Mary Kay and want to buy it without being haggled for a party or free facial, CALL ME, email me, facebook me etc. I can accommodate you and not bother you. haha! I really need to see if people are interested in this. Thanks :)

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