Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday tidbits...

Well, I don't have a lengthy post about something profound or mind staggering information to share with you...I just got Ava down for a nap and I don't feel like finishing as many chores as I can in the amount of time that she sleeps, instead I feel like saying a few things. I know, I need to get up and go, but for now, here is what I call a quicklist. My quick list of things I'm doing, things I like, things I don't like, etc for this day.

Snow, random.
Snuggly day inside!
Finished our taxes.
Ava actually did good laying in her bed for nap. hurray!
Should be doing these chores:
make bed, pick up our bedroom, dishes, pick up living room, a few bills to pay.
I have to work tonight, just 4 hours, but sometimes those hours feel like days. ;)
Supper ideas? I'm stuck for tonight....what could I possibly make with the random things I have in my pantry/fridge/freezer...that might be a whole other blog. haha
Ready for this weekend's marriage conference. Nick and I should practice our skit. :)
Date night saturday night!
Designing at the floral shop sunday-tuesday of next week for v-day. yay extra money!
Nick's birthday is this month
Angel Fire next month!! Yay, I haven't been anywhere since before Ava was born...like over a year ago! YAY VACAY!!
Guess that's all for now..