Monday, March 26, 2012

Bye Bye Baby

"bye bye baby" Ava says. She has been saying this all weekend and has melted my heart every time. There is more to that statement than she or I even realized until I thought about it today. There are things about her that are saying bye bye to baby and hello to almost toddler...I mean, she walks with her little rolling walker (across the living room multiple times), she pulls up on everything, all the time. She is busy, she hates to sit, she is eating like crazy, growing inches at a time, getting teeth, talking our ears off and just becoming this amazing little girl! She no longer stays still, really ever, but she'll let me hold her for her naps still, which I enjoy. She just shows us something new almost every day and I am beginning to realize that in 3 months, we'll have a 1 year old. how did that happen??????

Along with all of Ava's changes and developments, Nick and myself have been dealing with quite an array of self discipline and inward looking. We've been on a journey (details later) in the last few months that has had its share of ups and downs, highs and lows, yet we have become closer than every through it all. Nick has grown in more ways than I can count and I have become even more aware of God moving even in the midst of what seemed like a lull. 

So, today marks the start of a week of surrender for me. I've decided to give up and lay down a few things that consume me and have been in the way of seeking Him, praying, doing things I need to do, etc. Facebook and sodas have been golden calves to me. They have been things that aren't bad but certainly aren't good. I am not one to post dirty, rude or complaining comments. I hate conflict and stay away from argumentative posts, blah blah, etc etc. BUT, I am on there A LOT. My phone app, home computer, etc. Nick could care less about facebook and get on there once a week and be fine. the end. I on the other hand am so social, and sometimes desperate for communication (since I am a stay at home mom) haha, that I can get a little obsessive with it. So, I certainly feel as though I use it to fill some sort of voids sometimes and that is not ok. Sodas, well, they have no good things associated with them except, well, not they don't. They are not healthy, they are not saving me money, they don't help in weight loss, they are a crutch to make me feel better when I'm down, wake me up when I'm tired, help me celebrate when I'm happy, etc. They take the place of Jesus for so many things in my day to day life. I feel the same way about fb as I do cokes. I'm consumed with using them for simple things, but they are becoming terrible idols and roadblocks to what God has for me. 

I have some new recipes for my cooking blog. I'm excited to work on those tomorrow. I've decided that I will work in the office a bit and do budget, kairos prep, food blog and begin to brainstorm some more for Ava's party that is going to creep up on me o so quickly. Ava will just have to enjoy some "walker" time in there with me. We'll see if she complies.