Thursday, June 28, 2012


My Mimi has been going through quite the medical adventure over the last few years and has come to a point in the road where the Lord has called her to slow down and wait for Him to pick her up and take her home. It has been quite a crazy few years and there have been some major ups and downs. I have seen my Mimi go from a thriving, busy, up and going woman to a very confused and non-mobile woman. We say we trust the Lord and he has our life in His hands, yet why does He allow such a Godly woman to suffer in ways that she didn't want to? I think it is the same with Mimi as it is with Noah. This time in her life is not a mistake, it isn't easy, but it isn't for nothing. Noah has a heart condition that isn't going to be easy to deal with, but it isn't for nothing and it isn't meant for his harm. I don't think Mimi is going through this last part of her journey for herself, I think if anything, she is going through this last part of her journey, for her Jesus. She has always had a love for Jesus that shines through all other aspects of her life. I know that just yesterday my Mom told me that a new nurse came into her hospice room and she asked her if she was a Christian. :) She asks everyone. I'm thankful for that example and to see that genuine concern for everyone's eternal life. I need to learn from her and catch hold of her passion. She is showing everyone around her that even in her last part of her life, she is concerned with other's. Mimi isn't gone yet and I am not writing a tribute to her for that reason at this point, she is just on my mind and as we talked today in her room, I couldn't help but think of all the things she has taught me and shared with me over my 27 years. I just wanted to share some of the things that stick out in my mind and heart.

My mimi taught me how to cook and more than that, enjoy cooking. She showed me how to love people, especially my family, through cooking and that it can minister to people. Including myself.

Mickey Mouse pancakes. mmmm :)

Grapefruit- with sugar on it. She also showed me how to cut out the little segments. :) she had a special knife for it, in fact.

Fresh bread- every meal had fresh bread. I need to take the time to enjoy that like she did.

A day planner- mimi scheduled her plant watering, meetings, bible study time, baking, meal prep, etc. :) I feel that so many of my planning traits and need for details come from mimi.

The need to share/teach the Word. I have not found my place in this yet, but I know that I have taught before and would love to again. She taught many many many years of sunday school and bible studies and poured into her studies each week.

The little things. Mimi always noticed and enjoyed little things. details.
For instance, Christmas Eve dinner....the snack a thon we all enjoy...wasn't just a table full of snack foods. It was planned out vigorously and she enjoyed picking and choosing all the dishes, dips, meats and cheeses, etc. cheesecake and cherries for travis, shrimp for my mom, cheese ball for dawn, chicken tenders for us girls, etc etc. ketchup and more ketchup for the boys :)

I guess to sum it all up, I ask Jesus to hold my mimi and love on her as she is in this part of her life journey. She has mastered so much in her life from being an amazing wife, mother, grandmother, friend, business woman, community servant, volunteer, etc etc. She has come to the end of this road and I pray that she takes her Jesus' hand and is escorted into his Kingdom and into her special place he has prepared, with excitment, joy and awe! She loves Jesus with all she is and I know that being side by side with him will be her dream come true. Love you Mimi. :) I will cherish all your kitchen items, recipe boxes, silly memories and serious life lessons, always.

Please pray for my Pawpaw as he is at this ending place with her. Please pray for my Mother and for my Aunt as they are also at this place. I know this is a bittersweet time for all.

Last, I want Noah to know that he was loved and prayed for by his Great Mimi and when he eats meatloaf, a home made cinnamon roll or fresh baked bread, part of his Mimi is in each dish, because she shared herself with his  mommy.. :)


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