Friday, June 15, 2012


This weekend and next weekend are looking incredibly wonderful! In the midst of the darkness I feel some days with everything we are facing, I try so hard to see the good in all things, everyday. I am especially looking forward to this weekend and next for a few different reasons!
This weekend has started out lovely with a Donut Stop date with Jada and Ava, errands and then chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes for lunch. (one of my favorites) :) Tonight we go to Jada's softball game and then we're having dinner with some family for my birthday, which is tomorrow. (no big deal really, at all) haha. Tomorrow I get to play florist again as I do the wedding flowers for a sweet girl we had in college group years back. I am looking forward to that and seeing the end result! Church Sunday and probably some more family time that night, with some water play that afternoon. Ava got some fun water presents for her birthday so we need to try them out!
Next week I have a fun play day with my bestie, for our birthdays (since she is moving in a couple of week and won't be here for her birthday) Haircut that morning and then lunch and pedi's with her that afternoon. maybe some shopping around perhaps?

Next weekend marks 5 years of marriage for Nick and I. I am looking forward spending some much needed hubby time with Nicholas as we shop, eat out, go to a movie, lounge around and SLEEP. :) hahaha!  It is kind of crazy to think how far we have come in the 7 years we've been together and the 5 we've been married. We make an awesome team! I thought I would share some pictures of our journey for those of you who haven't known us that long and those of you who have and would like to reminisce with me. :)

Seems as though the last 5 years have flown by and especially this last year. Ava has brought an element to our marriage that is beyond a blessing. She has drawn us closer, made us more confident and has shown us more about ourselves and our marriage than anything has yet. I know little Noah is doing the same thing as I write this. He has already begun to help us learn more about ourselves, our strength as a family in Christ and in our marriage first. God is good to us and I am thankful for the last 5 years and all the other years to come! 

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