Thursday, July 5, 2012

For I Know the Plans I Have For You

Today would have been our appt day in Ft. Worth, but I got a call on Tuesday afternoon around 3:00 from Cook's Childrens Hospital informing me that some things in the insurance trail hadn't been approved yet and they were cancelling the echo until they got it all figured out. Therefore, I talked to my dr and they cancelled that appt so I could make it all in one day in one trip. I was able to cancel the hotel in time to get refunded! Praise the Lord. :) So, after struggling Tuesday morning with leaving my baby and not being able to be with the family on the 4th of July, God allowed me to do just that. I was thankful for that change in plans. I didn't want to reschedule the whole trip, but I know that there is a reason that God wanted me home this week. I have decided to soak up time with my baby and REST. Jeremiah 29:11, one of the most overly used verses of all time, still speaks to me....I think we look at that verse with our "life plans" in context. That, God has planned our life out, which he does, but sometimes I think we need to remember that God has today planned out, first. He has today covered and that is enough. So, as I was relieved and frustrated all at the same time Tuesday, He knew my heart's desires, he also knows that whenever the next trip will be, will be better than if it were today. I was able to be with my family, enjoy Nick's family's annual cook-out and now get some time at home today to kick back and just chill out. I had done lots of chores and things thinking I was leaving, so I am able to really just rest, play with Ava, we'll go see my mimi later today, and then spend some time with out of town family that is  here this weekend, this evening.

So, I mention seeing my Mimi today....she is hanging in there, but needs prayers for peace and even mercy from the Lord during this time in her life. She has been moved back to Canyon Healthcare, under hospice care, but she is not as close to "the end" as we might have thought. She is under the title of "failure to thrive", so she can't really get better at this point, but she is not declining, even off of medication she has needed her whole life. We are confused by this and just have to trust that Jesus knows what he is doing with her. She doesn't remember having back surgery or why she cannot walk at this point  though and so she gets distraught at why she can't just get up and walk, get up and go eat somewhere, go to the fireworks last night, etc etc. It was very difficult on my mom yesterday trying to explain to her, but not get to detailed or crush her spirit, etc. It is all wearing my pops and mom out and they are holding on to just taking it a moment at a time.

On a lighter note all together, Ava is as silly as ever and is starting to make even more words and noises lately. She says, "buh boh" and has the silliest goofy laugh (sounds like her dad). She walks like crazy, loves milk, enjoys having her cousin jada over everyday this summer, has lots of friends at church and loves her nursery teachers. She could eat bananas all day long and loves nutrigrain bars of all flavors. She dances to all music it seems! :) She is getting good about going down for her naps at regular times. She sleeps through the night and loves baths. Ava is just one big ball of activity and joy and we love her so much. She makes me strive to be better, stay focused, trust the Lord and want to make her home a place where she can thrive and learn and grow. Nick goes beyond the call of duty as a daddy and loves Ava beyond words. I'm blessed to have a hubby who is an inredible daddy. :)

so, for now we wait to hear back from ft worth and we'll go from there. When I have an update I will let our prayer warriors know. :) Noah isn't as active today, so maybe he is resting too, but I sure do love when he kicks me all day.... maybe he'll wake up and let me know he's still a goober. :)

blessings and thanks,

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