Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Great Weekend

I have felt a blog coming on most of the day because a Facebook status doesn't cut it and I figured everyone in my contact list didn't want a mass text exclaiming how amazing this weekend has been. Even with a work shift on saturday, this weekend has been wonderful! Friday night I was pleasantly surprised by my best friend, while in the bath, mind you. Yes, I hear a knock on the bathroom door and then this sweet voice saying, "hello"! haha! I was like, "seriously?? Is that you?" I was so surprised and was SOOO in need of a Lauren chat/catch up session and Ava was just enamoured with seeing her Loo! Nick was even so happy and surprised he had a priceless look on his face when he opened the front door she said. haha! So, Friday evening at home turned into an even more wonderful night with a sweet blessing like that! :) Saturday started rough, mainly because I had to work at 7am, but I got off early and was able to come home to a hubby who was busy at painting the kids' room and he made me go to bed for awhile to rest. :) I got in our room, turned on the Olympics, turned off the lights, got the fan going and just rested for hours. It was wonderful. Ava was with her aunt Trina all day and so there was not a little wild thing to chase around. Such a wonderful break. I soaked it up and then went to practice and worship service. After that, Nick and I got a small date time, so we went to Chic Fil A and our sweet friend Sandra that works there surprised us with a free meal. Such a sweet blessing and it made our night! We picked up Ava and finished out the evening at home. Today has been wonderful as well, with church, family lunch together as a threesome, checked on mom and dad's cats since their gone and then came home and finished up odds and ends (well, nick finished some painting and got some plumbing work done) amazing hubby. I got things picked up and then we re-arranged the living room. I must add here, that Nick realllly enjoys moving furniture around, as much as I do. It is an AWESOME attribute that he has and I just love it. We have rearranged the furniture in 3 rooms in the last 2 weeks. Talk about nesting! Nick has just blown me away this weekend with all his hard work and motivation. He is #1 nester hubby! haha
This week is going to be FULL, but wonderful! We get to have maternity pictures done tomorrow evening as well as going to the Sox game with our best friends!! Yay!! I have a dr appt on wednesday as well as a work shift. We leave friday as soon as nick gets off work, to get to ft worth to stay with nick's cousin over night and then on to Belton on Saturday for Tracie Layne's wedding! yay! I am excited to pack us up and have a road trip that does not include a hospital or dr appt. :)

So, I rambled enough about nothing I know, but I just need this place to unload and unwind sometimes. I have been able to spend some quality time in the Word and I have been able to journal as well. Just various verses here and there, are all coming together exactly when I need them and how I need them. God's word IS alive and active. It is amazing to let it soak in and do it's work.

I really don't have anything specific to blog about, obviously, just this random jumble of an update. I do know that God has used a bridge of a worship song this weekend, to once again remind me of His sovereignty and grace over us during this adventure he has us on.

I may be weak
But your Spirit's strong in me
My flesh may fail
My God you never will

I just cling to that so much right now. I hope it sinks in for you as well.

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