Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday is a good day for nesting.

Seriously though. Fridays make a great day for nesting...because it gives me the entire weekend to veg out, enjoy my hubby, play with my daughter, cook sunday lunch for my family and even get in a little bit of work and of course enjoy fellowship and worship with my FLC family. WEEEEE!

This week has been a rough one for this wife/mommy. We got back into town from an amazing wedding weekend on Sunday evening and Monday was a decent day of getting back into the swing of things, but as the day went on, I felt the hormones and mind full of anxiety coming through and I knew a battle was coming on. I hate those days that I struggle to keep a dry eye and can only seem to focus on the frustrating and scary things ahead. I try my best to get my head out of the mud and see clearly, but it is harder than I ever thought possible during times of wondering how things are going to go, imagining being away from home for months, etc etc. I just couldn't get out of the funk that satan was trying so hard to keep me in.  Yet, I pressed on, pressed in and got into the Word. Thank God for his Word. Thank him and praise him and of course that is why I could climb out of the hole and keep going. :)
So today came and I took the girls to breakfast at mcdonalds, went to the dollar tree to get jada a dry erase board and stickers to decorate it for her locker, went to United and got groceries for the weekend and when we got home I had this urge to get things done. It was great. My entire house is picked up. (minus my bathroom, because it is my least favorite and I always procrastinate on it)haha. The kitchen is sparkling, the utility/office area is picked up and organized, the living room is picked up and vacuumed, the bedroom is picked up and the laundry is done. Well, the last load is in the dryer. :) I get to go to bed in just a bit with a huge feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction and I love it.

So we had pizza for dinner, watched pre-season football, played with Ava, chased Ava, got on to Ava for touching things she shouldn't haha, then watched We Bought a Zoo and tomorrow is going to be just as great! I work in the morning, but then Nick and I are going to finally go see the new Batman, go to dinner and go find him some new tennis shoes. I say it like tenny shoes though. haha. :) Ava is going to go see her nana and that means we get some time to ourself.

Sunday we're going to go to church and then we're having roast, carrots and potatoes with salad and rolls for lunch. My parents and my PawPaw are coming over for lunch to enjoy it with us. We'll probably swim some with Katrina and James and then try to chill out before a new week.

Bed for now. I just had to express my excitement and love for weekends that start out so wonderfully because I was productive on Friday. :) I should try to do it more often. haha.

so, pointless, random post is finished. Maybe the next post will actually have some interesting information. :)


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