Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Odds and Ends

Well, life has begun to settle back in for a few weeks...until we go back to Ft.Worth for the next set of appts. I was able to get so much accomplished today, I have to brag somewhere...I was able to get Ava's reading corner cleaned up, vacuumed, the bay window cleaned out, the living room vacuumed, our bedroom picked up, dishes done, kitchen picked up, laundry done, phone calls made, appts switched around, my mom and sister helped me get the kid's room furniture rearranged. Now, I can feel it all. haha. We ended up going to Leal's for dinner and then Walmart. Home is feeling nice as we are watching olympics, Ava is running around playing and just being her silly self, and life is good tonight. I am just thankful in this moment for home, for my husband, my daughter, my bouncy son inside and the simplicity of the moment itself. No hospitals, no dr appts, no traveling, no being apart, no anxiety...just stillness and closeness. I soak it up, knowing it won't last for long. For a time we will not have this. I know we will get it back, and it will be even better with our sweet Noah at home with us later in the fall. What a time that will be. I can't wait to have both babies, hubby and myself in our home, in the quiet of the evening, loving on each other and just being together. I know we will get there. There is SO much to get through before then, but I know God has us in his hands and this night will come again, even better than it is now.
So until then I soak up tonight, pray for tomorrow and know that this road has been prepared and the way is set before us. Thank you Lord

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