Monday, October 29, 2012

God of Our Days

God of My Days
Gateway Worship

You awaken my heart
From slumbering
Meet me in mourning
And you speak to my grief

You're the light in my darkness
The delight of my eyes
The hope of the daybreak
When the sun's slow to rise

I trust that every moment's in your hands
You're the God of my days
The King of my nights
Lord of my laughter
Sovereign in sorrow
You're the Prince of my praise
The love of my life
You never leave me
You are faithful
God of my days

You unveil my eyes
Help me to see
The arms of my Father
Encircling me
You're a constant companion
I am never alone
Your love is the banner
That's leading me home


My eyes are on You
My hope is in You
My faith is in You
My eyes are on You
My hope is in You
My faith is in You
I'm tired. I'm so very tired. I'm trying my hardest to see things with thankfulness at the forefront. It gets tiresome when everything seems to be dragging, no progress in sight, no answers, no news, nothing to measure success by. I'm just so weary of the waiting and the sadness that comes with it. Tomorrow is the heart cath. I'm supposed to be at the hospital no later than 9am and I haven't even gotten out of bed before 8:30 in awhile. eek! I shouldn't be posting right now, but my mind is wandering. I might not sleep at all tonight, honestly. So much on my mind. I'm trying to focus my heart and my heart's cries to the Lord and for his favor to be over us tomorrow. I am just longing for a clear cath so that we can move forward and see how noah progresses by weaning off the ventilator, going down on meds, increasing feedings, to be held once he's free of drains, the vent and a few other tubes. Lord I am just sure that if he gets held he will start to progress. Yet, I know that this time thing is all up to God and I have no say in it. I have not had a say in any of this and I'm just waiting for that to be honored. I feel that my attitude has not been honorable though. But, it is sooo hard to keep from going through the ups and many downs of this journey. Surely he extends his grace to me during the times I am not pleasant. This song just says all I want my heart to say but is too weak to. 
I pray that I can update with glorious joy very soon. For now, I am leaning on y'all and the prayers you're sending up. I will not give up on the Lord. He has not given up on me. 
hoping to post a great big wonderful update soon!


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solomonfamily5 said...

I SHOULD be asleep. I'm exhausted. But for some reason here I am wide awake. Then, I read you post. I'm supposed to be praying. So that's what I'm doing. I love your honesty and let me remind you that God can handle it. It's no secret to him anyway! So why not just get it out there and let Him have it rather than keeping it "hidden". Also, people need to know that it's our faith in a God who can do anything that gets us through tough times. Most people think faith means remaining focused on what you WANT to happen or want God to DO rather than just having faith in the character of the Great I AM.

Tonight I pray for the Great I AM to be everything you need because everything he requires He also provides. He is the sufficient one.

Love you friend. May you rest in His arms tonight.