Monday, October 15, 2012

monday monday...

Well, it's monday. A new day, a new week, a new adjustment to the "schedule" haha. what schedule? :)
I am sitting in Noah's cubicle, cozy on the couch, his tv has Finding Nemo playing, I have pandora playing my hillsong station, a big glass of ice water next to me and the rest of the afternoon to just sit and soak up all the day has for me. I like to do my quiet time/bible study back in noah's "room" because it is quiet, calm, and I have no real distractions...I can really just soak Him up and listen to the Lord. I'm certain that is the main reason I have stayed focused on the Lord and his hand in all of this.
Ava is home, with our friend Mrs.Mac. She has been so sweet to send me pics and let me know how their day is going. :) She slept all night in her big girl bed. She LOVES it. I'm hoping and praying for Nick's sake that she does well all week. :)
Speaking of Nick, he gets to come by himself this weekend. It has been over a month since him and I have had any true alone time for longer than a couple of hours. Thanks to a sweet sweet selfless man we know, he gets to come down here without us paying 350 dollars as well. We are beyond thankful and excited to get him down here for a whole weekend of spending time together, and with noah without distraction. Looks like we will be eating at some places, going to a movie, hitting a mall and of course spending time with our baby boy. yay!

So, noah is doing pretty good. He had a decent night and is resting today. He has had help with the resting due to some good meds, mainly because they put in a new drain to get some fluid out from his chest area. He got a chest xray to make sure the placement of the drain is right. He is on more blood pressure meds trying to help get some fluid off of him, as well as lasix. I'm still praying that the Lord take care of the swelling so he won't be on so much medicine. the waiting these days is getting harder, but i'm thankful and just resting in the Lord while he heals my boy.

I am going to go back to nick's cousin's house for dinner and to get all the milk I forgot to bring to the hospital this morning. sheesh. then i'll come up here and watch monday night football with my boy. :)
guess that's all for now...
kinda lonely, but enjoying the alone time as well.
blessings to all,